Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch is a 1990 film about a new group of Gremlins that take over a media building.

Directed by Joe Dante. Written by Charles S. Haas.
Here they grow again.  (taglines)

Brain Gremlin[edit]

  • [at stock brokerage] Yes, I'd say it's a full-scale panic. Are you having a run on the bank there yet? Well, it's rather brutal here. We're advising our clients to put everything they've got into canned food and shotguns!


Brain Gremlin: Fred, what we want is, I think, what everyone wants, and what you and your viewers have: civilization.
Grandpa Fred: Yes, but what sort of civilization are you speaking of?
Brain Gremlin: The niceties, Fred. The fine points: diplomacy, compassion, standards, manners, tradition. That's what we're reaching toward. Oh, we may stumble along the way, but civilization, yes. The Geneva Convention, chamber music, Susan Sontag. Everything your society has worked so hard to accomplish over the centuries. That's what we aspire to. We want to be civilized. You take a look at this fellow here. [shoots another Gremlin in the head] Now, was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, but in no sense civilized. Now, bear in mind, none of us has been in New York before. There are the Broadway shows. We'll have to find out how to get tickets. There's also a lot of street crime, but I believe we can watch that for free. We want the essentials: Dinettes, complete bedroom groups, convenient credit even though we've been turned down in the past.

Billy Peltzer: Sir, I'm... I'm sorry about the building.
Daniel Clamp: I'm not.
Kate Peltzer: You're not?
Daniel Clamp: For one thing, we're insured for the damages. For another, maybe it wasn't a place for people anyway. It was a place for things. You make a place for things, things come.

[The Gremlins have taken over the projection booth, interrupting the movie]
Theatre usher: [To a member of the audience] Mr. Hogan? We have Gremlins in the projection booth. Would you help us?
Hulk Hogan: Gremlins? In this theatre? Now? [Stands up and looks to the projection booth] OKAY, YOU GUYS, LISTEN UP!
Gremlin: Uh-oh.
Hulk Hogan: People pay good money to see this movie! When they go out to a theatre, they want cold sodas, hot popcorn, and NO MONSTERS IN THE PROJECTION BOOTH. [A Gremlin blows a raspberry at Hogan] Do I have to come up there myself? Do you think the Gremsters can stand up to the Hulkster? Well, if I were you, I'd run the rest of Gremlins 2 RIGHT NOW. [Gremlins groan and resume the movie; Hogan looks to the camera] Sorry folks, it won't happen again.


  • Here they grow again.
  • We warned you. Remember the rules. You didn't listen.


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