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Grigoriy Konstantinovich Ordzhonikidze (October 24 [O.S. October 12], 1886February 18, 1937), generally known as Sergo Ordzhonikidze, was a Georgian Bolshevik, later member of the CPSU Politburo and close friend to Josef Stalin. Ordzhonikidze, Stalin and Anastas Mikoyan comprised what was referred to as the "Caucasian Clique". His death was ruled a result of a heart attack. Almost 20 years after his demise, Khrushchev revealed that he had in fact committed suicide.


  • For a long time I've been telling Stalin that Beria is a crook but Stalin won't listen.
    • Quoted in "Armed truce: the beginnings of the Cold War 1945-46"‎ - Page 65 - by Hugh Thomas - History - 1986
  • The Soviet Republic hands over power and land to the poor, guarantees you all your conquests in the revolution, places in your hands all the means for defending these gains.
    • Quoted in "Soviet Daghestan in foreign historiography"‎ - Page 60 - by M. A. Daniyalov - Dagestan (Russia) – 1982
  • You can't shut me up with your cynicism. I warn you- you must realise in time that you are not a mighty despot before whom everyone trembles. I do not tremble before you, I will fight you if you force me to it. I have not forgotten how despicably you treated our old friend, Abel [Yenukidze]. Never did you have a finer friend than Abel and you will never have a truer one. Yet, you caused Abel more harm and hardship than anyone else would do to an enemy. I have not forgiven you that two years ago you turned Abel out of the Kremlin although you had told him, and the people, that he was to become President of the Trans-Caucasian Republics.
    • To Stalin. Quoted in "The private life of Josef Stalin"‎ - Page 108 - by Jack Fishman, Joseph Bernard Hutton, J. Bernard Hutton - 1962
  • The Azerbaijan and Georgian republics must assume the task of supplying Armenia.
    • Quoted in "The Azerbaijani Turks: power and identity under Russian rule"‎ - Page 115 - by Audrey L. Altstadt - History - 1992
  • If we pose the question in a soviet, communist fashion, then no republic will be offended. If we pose the question egotistically, it is necessary to answer directly- Azerbaijan will be hurt, Georgia to a lesser degree, and Armenia not at all... Who among you would get up and say that anything we get from the exchange of Baku oil should be refused to our Armenian comrades?
    • Quoted in "The Azerbaijani Turks: power and identity under Russian rule" - Page 115 - by Audrey L. Altstadt - History – 1992

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