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The Night has given me dark eyes
But I use them to look for light.

"One Generation", 1979

Gu Cheng (Simplified Chinese: 顾城; Traditional Chinese: 顧城; September 24, 1956October 8, 1993) was a famous Chinese modern poet, essayist and novelist. He was a prominent member of the "Misty Poets", a group of Chinese modernist poets.


  • Even with these dark eyes, a gift of the dark night
    I go to seek the shining light.
    • "A Generation" [Yidai ren]
  • The sky is grey
    The road is grey
    The building is grey
    The rain is grey
    Through this stretch of dead ash
    Walked two children
    One in bright red
    One in light green.
    • "Feeling" [Ganjue]
  • A bird in the gusty wind
    Deftly changes direction

    A youth tries to pick up
    A penny

    The grapevine in fantasy
    Stretches its tentacles

    The Wave in retreat
    Arches its back.
    • "Curve" [Huxian]
  • Clouds that are grey
    Can no longer be washed clean.
    We open the umbrella
    And simply paint the sky black.
    • "A Walk In The Rain" [Yu xing]

Quotes about Gu Cheng[edit]

  • It is probably safe to say that Gu Cheng was the most radical poet in all of China's 2,500 years of written poetry.

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