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Guinevere Jones (2002) is a children's television show created by Elizabeth Stewart. It revolves around the adventures of the title character as she uses magic to fight evil, while at the same time dealing with problems and difficulties of high school.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1.1: Hard Rain[edit]

[Guinevere is confronted and threatened by Morgana]
Guinevere: How dare you threaten the Queen.
Morgana: Queen? For how long?

[Gwen and Tasha meet Merlin]
Merlin: Well then, at last I have your attention.
Tasha Meyers: Who are you?
Merlin: I am Merlin, of course. And you are?
Tasha Meyers: Uh, Tasha.
Merlin: She is your servant?

Episode 1.2: Psyched[edit]

[Karen Jones is possessed by a Demon]
Karen Jones: Evil is a river running through time.

Episode 1.3: That Old Black Magic[edit]

[Tasha Meyers explains to Gwen]
Tasha Meyers: Guinevere, she cheated on King Arthur with Lancelot. After that, everything went to pieces. Camelot tainted big time.

Episode 1.5: Weird Sisters[edit]

[The new English teacher, Patrick O'Leary, has arrived at the drama club and sees Wind, Fire, and Reine]
Patrick O'Leary: So you must be fire, wind, and rain.

Episode 1.6: Dybbukkin[edit]

[Josh is distracting Reine so Gwen can erase her memory]
Josh Myers: I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last girl on Earth.

Season 2[edit]

Episode 2.6: Easy Money[edit]

[Money has just been stolen from the "New Sage Shop"]
Detective Perkins: The facts don't lie

[Katie, trying to exonerate Gwen]
Katie Dawson: The facts don't lie.

[Gwen, when finding who has been framing her]
Gwen: Sometimes, the facts do lie.

[Gwen and Reine have just fought each other]
Reine Davidson: You're just jealous that someone else has powers.
Gwen Jones: It just bugs me that you have power.

Episode 2.13: Rebellion[edit]

[During the final battle with Reine]
Gwen: Gadowain, I never thought I'd be glad to see you.

[Gwen has just found out that O'Leary is her father]
Gwen: So what should I call you? Dad?
O'Leary: Eventually I'll be proud to be called that. Just as I'm proud of you.

Unknown episodes[edit]

[In the ARC, Reine has just entered]
Tasha Myers: And the loser convention is over there. And it looks like you're late.



[Said in order, every opening credit scene]
Merlin: We all have many lifetimes. We first met when you were Arthur's queen. Your destiny is magic, Guinevere. Your task is to fight evil.
Gwen: I told you, my name is Gwen.

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