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Gullah Gullah Island is an American musical children's television series that was produced by and aired on the Nickelodeon network from 1994 to 1998. The show starred Ron and Natalie Daise, who also served as the cultural advisors, and was inspired by the Gullah culture of Ron Daise's home of St. Helena Island, South Carolina, part of the Sea Islands.


Ron: Hey, James, we're going to the nature center, you wanna come with us?
James: Are you gonna see Ranger Mike?
Shaina: Yeah, he's gonna show us some frogs and tadpoles.
James: Then, count me out, I don't want to have anything to with frogs, tadpoles, or polliwogs today.
Ron: All right, son, we'll see you later.

James: Oh, man, look what you did know, Binyah Binyah.
Binyah Binyah: Sorry.
Natalie: It's all right, I can buy another broom.
James: It's not all right, Mom, every time we start having fun, he messes it up!
Natalie: James, I think you need to take a time out in the house.
James: That's not fair!
Natalie: James!
James: You need to take a time out too, far, far away.
Binyah Binyah: [purring]
Vanessa: He didn't mean it, Binyah Binyah.
Bryan: Yeah, he just got mad, but he really loves you.
Natalie: We all do.
Marisol: Yeah.
Vanessa: Where's he going, Aunt Natalie?
Natalie: I don't know, sweetheart.
Bryan: Come back, Binyah Binyah, come back!

James: Binyah Binyah? Binyah Binyah?
Natalie: Don't worry about Binyah Binyah, he'll be all right.
James: But I have to worry, Mom, this is all my fault.

Bryan: Is Binyah Binyah back yet?
Vanessa: Nope, we haven't seen high nor here of the poor little critter.
Armando: We should start looking for him.
James: It's no use, he's never coming back.
Marisol: What?
Vanessa: James said Binyah Binyah isn't coming back, because he was mean to him.
Bryan: He wouldn't run away forever.
Armando: Yeah, my sister's mean to me all the time, but I keep on coming back home.
Marisol: What do you mean I'm mean to you, you're always the one that's picking on me.
Armando: Am not!
Marisol: Are too.
Armando: Am not!
Marisol: Are too!
James: See? I already started an argument without even trying to.
Vanessa: Get a grip, James, they argue all the time, even if you're not there to start it.
Bryan, Armando, and Marisol: Vanessa!
Vanessa: Oops, sorry.
James: Boy, I wouldn't blame you guys if you never spoke to me again.

Juana: Armando, didn't I just ask you to go home?
Armando: Uh... um... I was just leaving!
James: Uh-oh!
Juana: Armando!
Armando: Yes, Mommy?
Juana: Why won't you listen to me, Armando?
Armando: I'm sorry, Mommy, but you make too many rules. You guys don't like rules around here either, right?
Kids: Right!
Vanessa: We always have some rules to remember.
James: Or some chore to do!
Armando: Why do we have to follow rules?
Vanessa: Yeah, we'd be much happier without them!
Ron: You think so?
Vanessa: We know so. Right, guys?
Kids: Yeah!
Ron: I think it's time for a little parent timeout, so...
Natalie: Timeout...
Juana: Timeout...

Ron: What is going on in here?
James: Dad, they took our space!
Vanessa: It is not yours!
James: And they took our polliwog too!
Natalie: Calm down! Binyah Binyah's everybody's friend.
Binyah Binyah: Yeah.
Natalie: But you guys aren't acting like friends to each other, are you?
Ron: I think everybody here needs a timeout.
James, Armando, Bryan and Greg: Oh, come on!
Ron: Come on, girls. Let's step outside for a minute.
Shaina: But what about them? They're the ones who hogged the living room!
Vanessa, Jessica and Mia: Yeah!
Ron: Don't worry about them. Come on.
Natalie: Yes, I'll talk to them!
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