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Gulzar in 2008 at the launch of his album Chand Parosa Hai.

Sampooran Singh Kalra (born 18 August 1934), known popularly by his pen name Gulzar, is an Indian poet, lyricist, author, film script and dialogues writer and film director. Gulzar started his career as a lyricist with a famous music director S.D. Burman (Sachin Dev Burman) in the 1963 film Bandini. He also worked with other music directors including Salil Chowdhury, R. D. Burman, Vishal Bhardwaj, and A. R. Rahman.


  • Music has a natural place in our lives. Right from the shloka you recite in your morning puja and the milkman who comes whistling on his cycle, to the fakir singing as he begs for alms and your mother humming around the kitchen...Music fills our spaces naturally. It will always be dear to us.
  • A good storyteller is the conscience-keeper.
    • Gulzar in his book "Half a Rupee : Stories"
  • Words do not have teeth, still they bite; and once they bite, the wounds never heal.
  • When you face your fear, you become familiar with it, and familiarity makes it lose its meaning, loosen its grip - fear ceases to be fear.
    • Gulzar in "Half a Rupee : Stories"
  • Lata was beyond words. She was a miracle that will happen never again.

Quotes on Gulzar

  • If he says that I am the voice of the century, then I would say that he is the writer of the century.

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