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Guo Wengui (Chinese: 郭文贵; born c. 1970), also known under the names Guo Wen Gui, Guo Haoyun (郭浩云), Miles Guo, and Miles Kwok, is a Chinese billionaire businessman who has become a political activist. He co-founded GTV Media Group in 2020 with Steve Bannon. His English is very spirited and has a thick accent that can be hard to understand.


The Four Kills[edit]

  • Steve Bannon:

The key to the [Chinese Maoist] Cultural Revolution was called the Four Olds: ...
The Red Guard was tasked by Mao to destroy the Four Olds:
Old culture, old customs, old ideas, and old habits...
They had to destroy the Four Olds.
Do you see that's what's happening? Is Steve Cortes, Raheem, and War Room right when we say it's a Maoist type cultural revolution going on in America today?

  • Miles:

You [say] this, sir, still too high. You say words maybe some people don't understand.
Eas[ier] you can [say it]. They want China five thousand years' history?
They want to kill four:
Kill you, no loyalty.
Kill you, no morals.
Kill you, no family.
Kill you, no God — kill your religion.
This is the Four Kills.
Then, you follow one — [the] Communist Party!
Chairman Mao is God. You kill the God — I am God!
Kill loyalty — loyalty to me!
Kill your family — I am family!
Kill the morals — I will give you [morals]!
Free life I give you, free [every]thing, kill freedom -- but follow me! ...
That's totally, the fundamental reason, the goal.
That's the four kills. Breaking the Four Olds, that's totally a lie, propaganda.
These are the Four Kills.

CCP Thinks It's God, So It Must Destroy All Other Gods[edit]

  • 按照共产党的说法,就所有这美帝国主义的东西都是骗子都垃圾,都是资本主义的嘛,是不是?只有共产党的是好的,对吧? 就共产党你看它干啥事?共产党说我是无神主义,对吧,我是无神主义,所以我把所有的神要杀掉。佛教、穆斯林、新疆人、基督教最近抓得一塌糊涂,天主教、道教到处扫荡。为什么?因为我是神,我要当神我就要灭掉所有的神。大家我说的是事实吧?几年前七哥就说了吧?
    • According to the CCP, only anything from American imperialism can be all crooks, all garbage. It can only from capitalism, right? Only the Communist Party is good, right? Well, the CCP, look what it's doing. The CCP says, "I am atheism, so I’m going to kill all the gods." Recently Buddhists, Muslims, Xinjiang people, and Christians have been arrested massively. Catholics and Taoists have been wiped out in many places. Why? "Because I am God. I'm going to be God, so I have to kill all gods." Everyone, what I'm saying is the fact, isn't it? Brother Miles told you this a few years ago, didn't I?
    • April 3, 2021 live broadcast on GTV, at 0 min. 0 sec.: replay with ZH and EN transcript; replay with EN only

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