Gwanghae-gun of Joseon

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Gwanghae-gun (1574 - 1641) The 15th king of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.


  • 「高談大言,能遏滔天之兇鋒乎。鐵騎蹂躪之日,其可以談鋒擊之乎。筆翰衝之乎。」 (1621)
    • Translation: "Can loud debate and haughty speech stop sky-covering enemies' rush? When a cavalry ravages, can we repulse it with talk? Can pinfeather thrust it?"
    • Source: Gwanghae-gun Ilgi (光海君日記)
    • Note: He was the only realist in the court. He complained to dogmatic Confucists who ideologically insisted on an attack against the Manchus although it was impossible in reality.

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