Halloween: Resurrection

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Halloween: Resurrection is a 2002 slasher film in which Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to deal with the cast and crew of a reality show which is being broadcast from his old home. This movie is a sequel to the 1978 film Halloween.

Laurie Strode[edit]

  • You failed, Michael. You want to know why? Because I'm not afraid of you. But what about you? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid to die, Michael?
  • (after kissing Michael's mask before he sends her falling to her death) I'll see you in Hell.


Nurse Phillips: Why is this patient in lockdown?
Nurse Wells: They didn't tell you about Laurie Strode?
Nurse Phillips: No.
Nurse Wells: You must have heard of her. Sister of Michael Myers?
Nurse Phillips: Michael Myers, the serial killer?
Nurse Wells: Oh, well, you all hear the gossip soon enough. For now, let's just get...
Nurse Phillips: No, no, no, wait. Tell me about her.
Nurse Wells: She decapitated a man.
Nurse Phillips: Oh, my God. Why?
Nurse Wells: Halloween. Three years ago. Twenty years after the first murders, her brother finally found her. Tracked her down at the school where she was working. There were several murders. Lots of confusion.
Nurse Phillips: Oh, my God. She killed the wrong person.
Nurse Wells: Father of three.
Nurse Phillips: Well, why didn't the paramedic say something?
Nurse Wells: His larynx had been crushed. Don't let on, you know.



  • Evil finds its way home.

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