Hammy's Boomerang Adventure

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Hammy's Boomerang Adventure is a computer-animated short comedy film based on the film Over the Hedge, which was based on a comic strip of the same name. It can be found on the movie's DVD or the Madly Madagascar DVD as a bonus feature.


Hammy: Ha, ha! [The boomerang hits him] Ow. [picks up a boomerang and throws it away] Ha, ha! [jumps over the boomerang over and over again. He hums and catches the boomerang. Then he throws it away over and over again until he throw a cookie, a cupcake and an ice cream cone] What the...? Huh? [the boomerang hits him again] Oww!
[Hammy climbs up a tree]
Bucky: Shh! You guys, quiet.
[Hammy sighs and the boomerang is behind him]
Hammy: BEGONE! I don't believe in you. [the boomerang disappears and Hammy sighs. But suddenly, The boomerang keeps spinning behind the tree] NO! All right, I believe in you! [grabs the boomerang] I'll go crazy!
[Hammy digs a hole and drops the boomerang into the hole. He covers the hole and the boomerang hits him again]
Hammy: Oww! This stupid...
[Hammy chops the boomerang into pieces with an axe and puts it in a trunk, devilishly burns it with a cigarette lighter then stomps on the hot ashes]
Hammy: Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!
[Then steps off before he is continuously hit by the boomerang again]
Hammy: Aww c'mon!
RJ: What do you guys think? Should we tell him?
Spike: [giggles] Oh, come on. We got three more left in the box.

Voice cast[edit]

Note: In the end credits, Wanda Sykes' character Stella is credited, even though she didn't appear.

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