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Hamza Andreas Tzortzis (born in 1980) is a British Muslim public speaker of Greek descent and researcher on Islam.


  • We are Muslims and we have an ethical tradition. We believe that the Quran is universal and one of the essential doctrines of it is to ensuring equality and justice without any discrimination between poor and rich.
  • More than ten million African children die per year due to malnutrition and over two million people all around the world cannot afford basic needs. I think Islam will resolve this inequal and unjust situation.
  • Sometimes we don’t understand Islam as it is, we understand Islam as we are. In many ways Islam is a mirror. It will reflect our state of being.
  • The oneness of God’s Creativity is to affirm and recognise that God is the sole creator, master and owner of everything that exists. God is the One who sustains, takes care of, and nourishes everything. According to the Islamic doctrine of tawheed, anyone who denies this has associated partners with God, which is polytheism (known as shirk in Islamic theology). Anyone who believes that these descriptions of God can be shared by any created thing has deified that thing. Therefore, they have associated partners with God.

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