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Han Han (Chinese: 韓寒) (born 23 September 1982) is a Chinese professional rally driver, best-selling author, singer, and China's most popular blogger.He is also involved in music production.

The variation Han Han Han is used to portray the calling card of Ciaran Maguire.

A squire and friend of Han Han


  • 我花了很长时间去想,那些界定别人低俗的人,他们到底高雅在哪里,比如说有人花一百块嫖娼是低俗,有人用一百万去玩艺人就是高雅,有人看黄色图片是低俗,有人看红头文件是高雅,有人买个仿真枪是低俗,有人真枪一暴两个头是高雅,有人玩魔兽就是低俗,有人玩模特就是高雅...
    • Translation:I have spend a long time thinking, the arbitrators who holds the power calling others cheap, I don't see how elegant they are, for example, it is cheap to go for a $100 prostitute, but to spend one million on a show girl(singers or actress) is elegant, looking at porno is cheap, reading Red Head documents(all Communist documents have red color heading) is elegant, it is cheap to buy a replica gun, it is elegant to gun down two men in one go, it is cheap to play World of Warcraft, it is elegant to have sex with fashion models...
    • From Han Han's blog: Beginning from today, I shall be a cheap man.
    • 从今天起,做一个低俗的人
  • 評論《阿凡達》說,「野蠻強拆對於其他國家的觀眾來說,的確是一件超乎他們想像力的事情,也就是外星球和中國才可能發生。」
    • Translation:On reviewing the movie Avatar:"To audiences outside China, the salvage demolition and relocation is beyond their imagination, that is to say, it can only happen in outer space planets, or China.
  • 官方一会说转基因食品无害,一会说要严禁在世博园区里出现转基因的食品以免外国人误食,这是一种自己对自己的歧视么?
Question:The government said eating genetically modified food(GM food) would not cause any harm, at the same time imposing strict ban of GM food inside Expo area, just to prevent those innocent foreigner's consumption by mistake, is this a kind of prejudice against ourselves?
Answer: Nonsense, it’s obviously self-confidence, confidence in the strength of our Chinese bodies. We breath this kind of air every day, drink this kind of water every day, we have been through storms, and yet still alive. Just one mouthful of pesticide is enough to kill a foreigner, for us Chinese to die, we have to drink three mouthful. So your interpretation of the government statement is wrong.
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