Han Yong-un

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Han Yong-un

Han Yong-un (July 12, 1879May 9, 1944) was a twentieth century Korean Buddhist reformer and poet.


  • I heard the Master preach.
    “Don’t be chained to love and suffering. Instead, cut the ties of love and you will rejoice in your heart.” So he said in a loud voice.

    The Master is quite a fool.
    He does not know: true it hurts to be tied with love, but it will hurt more to cut the ties of love, it will hurt more than even death.
    In the tight binding of love’s bonds lies their unbinding.

    Thus great liberation is to be had in the bonds themselves.
    My love, I was afraid the rope of your love might be weak so I doubled the strands of my love for you.

    • "The Master’s Sermon", translated by Sammy Solberg
  • Is your voice “silence”?
    When you are not singing a song then I hear your song’s melody clearly!
    Your voice is silence.

    Is your face “darkness”?
    When I shut my eyes then I see your face clearly!
    Your face is darkness.

    Is your shadow “light”?
    Your shadow is cast on the dark window after the moon has gone down!
    Your shadow is light.

    • "Inverse Proportion", translated by Sammy Solberg

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