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Hanan Ashwari in 2013

Hanan Daoud Mikhael Ashrawi (Arabic: حنان داوود مخايل عشراوي; born 8 October 1946) is a Palestinian politician, activist, and scholar.


  • We are the only people on Earth asked to guarantee the security of our occupier… while Israel is the only country that calls for defence from its victims.

Quotes about Ashrawi[edit]

  • In Madrid, Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi and I also sparred it out in endless television appearances that were broadcast around he world. She was a worthy opponent.
  • Thirty years later, she resigned from her position in the Palestinian Authority, explaining that "it's not a question of peace,. It's a question of democratization. It's a question of good governance." Complaining that there had been no Palestinian elections for more than fifteen years, she vowed, "I won't be part of it anymore". The Palestinian Authority was a morally bankrupt tyranny, but at the time she spoke passionately of its sincere desire to advance peace, as opposed to Israel, represented by me, which obstructed peace.

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