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Hannah Cohoon (1781–1864) was an American painter. She painted in an abstract style associated with the Shaker community of Hancock, MA. She is reknowned for her ink and watercolour painting The Tree of Life.


Hand printed below Hannah Cohoon's painting of "The Tree of Life" dated July 3, 1854, reads the following:

    I recieved a draft of a beautiful Tree penciled on a large sheet of white
    paper bearing ripe fruit I saw it plainly it looked very singular and 
    curious to me. I have since learned that this tree grows in the Spirit
    Land. Afterwards the spirit showed me plainly the branches, leaves, and
    fruit presented or drawn upon paper. The leaves were checked or (unreadable)
    and the same color you see here. I entreated Mother Ann to tell me the 
    name of this tree which she did Oct 1st 4th hour PM by moving the hand
    of a medium to write twice over Your Tree is the Tree of Life.

Off to the right of this is Hannah Cohoon's signature stating that she painted the picture.

In the picture, the symmetrical tree has a modest brown trunk and branches which curl upwards to display large green leaves and even larger, round fruit which resemble ripe and unripe oranges. The green leaves have a grid-like black pattern and the orange and green fruit have small dots perhaps representing the contour of an orange peel. Rigelfire (talk) 04:24, 16 June 2012 (UTC)

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