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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season Hannah Montana.

Sweet Home Hannah Montana


(When she sees Miley's old bedroom set is their new bedroom set and it's for a kid)

Lilly: I'm going to go with "or what".

Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office

Miley: Teacher who just spoiled without a doubt the greatest moment of my life say what?

California Screamin'

Lilly: Come on, I want to get there before Lady Gaga turns the dessert table into a hat.

Miley: I need to talk to you about something awkward and potentially embarrassing.
Lori: Miley, relax. I'm a nurse. I've seen it all. (puts a glove on)
Miley: Uh, not that kind of awkward and embarrassing.

De-Do-Do-Do, Da-Don't-Don't, Don't, I, I, Tell My Secret

Miley: Lift some weights.
Jackson: Eat some lettuce.

Siena: Who's Lola?

It's the End of the Jake as We Know It

Hannah: Well, Santa does believe in forgiveness, BUT SANTA'S NOT HERE.

I'll Always Remember You

Hannah: You want proof lady, I'll show you proof. [grumbles more and walks to the door]
Lilly: Hey, uh, why didn't you just use the Hannah emergency kit you keep in your car?
Hannah: [turns to Lilly and starts twitching her eye] BECAUSE I FORGOT! [closes the door]
Lilly: [meows]

Robby: Singers, actors. Just once a kid that wants to be a doctor.

Voice: Pretty much getting everything you want, aren't you?
Miley: Yes I'm- [turns to the mirror and sees Hannah]
Hannah: [smiling and arms crossed] Pretty freaky, isn't it?
Miley: Oh boy.
Hannah: Man, I can't believe you're trying to solve your problems by letting your friends make all of the sacrifices for you.

Hannah: (last words) I wrote this song about...an 11 year old girl who wanted to be a rockstar. But...she also wanted a normal life, so...she pretended to be somebody else, And...that was great for a little while but... she's 17 now and...life is even more complicated. (pause) And she just doesn't want to pretend anymore. (looks at Robbie) Her name is Miley Stewart.
(She removes her wig; the audience gasps.)
Jay Leno: Whoa! Take that, kitty cat flushing the toilet!
Miley: Anyways...it's been a long time since I sung without my friend here, so...hope you like it.
(Robbie and Lilly shed their disguises as Mr. Montana and Lola respectively; Miley proceeds to sing "Wherever I Go".)

Kiss It All Goodbye

(After Lily sees Miley on her bed watching the press)
Lily: Enough, alright?! You've been walled up in here for three days watching this stuff! You need to get out! Let's...let's go to the pier! Or the movies! SOMETHING!
Miley: Sure! Let's go to that place where...everybody hates me! (reaches up and puts her legs on the floor) Or the other place where everybody hates me. Ooh. (claps) Ooh, no, we'll go to the place with the really good nachos. WHERE EVERYBODY HATES ME.
Lily: Well, what are you gonna do? I mean, you can't live in here for the rest of your life!

(Miley shudders after having a fantasy of herself in the future)
Lily: ...You just had a fantasy of yourself 20 years from now, didn't you?
Miley: Yep.
Lily: Lots of cats?
Miley: Yep.
Lily: You ready to FACE THE WORLD?!
Miley: Nope.

I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar!

Miley and Mamaw: [accent] Simply scrumptious.
Jackson: I could be a famous pop star too. If I had talent and hair extensions.

Miley and Mamaw: Delightful.

Wherever I Go

Robby: [on the phone] Like I said, guys, Miley is not interested in doing any movie right now.
Miley: Yeah, I am going to college and no movie is going to change that!
Robby: [on the phone] Well, listen. It doesn't matter to her that Tom Cruise is her co-star. Tell Mr. Spielberg I said thanks, but no thanks.
Miley: [talking very fast] Oversized sweatshirt buying Daddy who just said three-time Academy Award winner, director, producer of Jaws, Jurassic Park, E.T., and Men in Black 1 and 2 wants me to star in his next big blockbuster opposite of Mission Impossible hunkhouse Tom Cruise say what?

Miley: 'Cause I'm her hero.

Rico: This is the best birthday party ever.

Lilly: [to Miley] You're the last person I want to go to college with! No, you're the last person I would want to go ANYWHERE with!

[several months later]
Miley: [to Lily] I'm Miley, I'm your new roommate.
Lily: [to Miley] Really?
Miley: You're right, you know there's gonna be a million concerts and tours and movies, but I only get one chance to go to college with my best friend. [they hug] I love you so much.
Lilly: I know! [starts crying]

[last lines of the series]
Miley Cyrus: [off-screen/singing] But yesterday's gone. We gotta keep moving on. I'm so thankful for the moments. So glad I got to know you. The times that we had. I'll keep like a photograph. And hold you in my heart forever. I'll always remember you...