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Hannibal Rising is a novel written by The Silence of the Lambs author Thomas Harris. The novel, chronologically the first in Harris' series about his most famous character, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, chronicles the iconic serial killer's childhood and early adulthood. The novel was released on December 5, 2006. A CD audio-book has also been released, read by the author.

A film adaptation written by Harris was also released shortly after the novel.

Hannibal Lecter[edit]

  • [as he is carving an 'M' symbol into his victim's chest] "M" For Mischa!
  • Come on! Let us sing for Mischa! [starts singing "Ein Männlein Stumm und Still" as he is walking with the horse, making every step choke his victim]
  • [greeting his final victim at his taxidermy shop in Canada] I've come to collect a head.
  • Rudeness is epidemic.
  • The butcher was like butter


Investigator: [both he and another man are staring at Hannibal, who seems quite pleased with himself] HE is a monster.


Hannibal: Now tell me, inspector. Did you choose war crimes... because you lost family in the war?
Inspector: Yes.
Hannibal: How?
Inspector: Some in combat, some were shipped east.
Hannibal: Did you catch who did it?
Inspector: No.
Hannibal: But they were Vichy, men like the butcher?
Inspector: Yes.
Hannibal: Then we are both suspects. I can say you were fishing with me if you like.

Murasaki: Please Hannibal! Forgive them! They didn't know any better!
Hannibal: [sobbing] Never.

Inspector: Do you have any guilty knowledge of the death of Paul Momund?
Hannibal: Guilty knowledge?

Grutas: Would you have fed me to your sister to keep her from dying?
Hannibal: Yes
Grutas: There you have it, "love". I love myself that much. I will never apologize to you!

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