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Happily N'Ever After is a 2007 American computer-animated film based on fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. It is a Vanguard Animation production, released by Lionsgate on January 5, 2007 in the United States.

Don't Let Your Hair Down. Don't Go To The Ball. Don't Visit Grandma.taglines


Rick: Can I get you guys a refill on the meat?
Wolf #1: [gestures to a chair] What's your rush, kid? Sit down!
Wolf #2: Takes a load off! Pour yourself a glass.
Rick: [sits] All right! Don't mind if I do. You know, that's the first time anybody asked me to sit down...
[puts feet up, accidentally kicks fork, drink flies across room and melts witch]
Wolf #1: So, what's your name, kid?
Rick: Rick.
Wolf #2: So, are you a good guy, or a bad guy, or what kind?
Rick: Neither! I work in the kitchen.
Wolf #1: Let me give you some advice. Around here, you're either a good guy, or a bad guy. And between you and me, I don't see much future in being good *Capiche*?

Munk: We're not tipping the scales of good and evil so YOU can be entertained!
Mambo: What if we made the 7 dwarves, 7 feet TALL? And...
Munk: No way!
Mambo: What about making Rapunzel go bald...
Munk: [interrupts, grabs remote] NO! Forget it.
[walks away]
Mambo: Couldn't we just give her split ends, or dandruff or a mullet, or SOMETHING!?!

Rick: What's going on?
Mambo: [watching Prince Humperdink storm the castle] There's the dashing prince, he's charging, he's wielding his noble sword, with... with fiery determination, he's falling off, he's falling off the steed, he fell off... he's on the ground now, he's on the ground, he's lookin' for his noble sword...
Rick: I'm almost starting to feel sorry for the guy!
Mambo: He's feeling around, is that, he has a stick,
[Humperdink shrieks]
Mambo: Oh... ooh, they're kicking him now... and they're laughing, they're laughing at him, and they're, he, oh, he just... got... captured...

Ella: [gushing to Rick about Prince Humperdink] Oh, did you see him today? Who's he warning?

Mambo: I hate gravity!


  • Don't Let Your Hair Down. Don't Go To The Ball. Don't Visit Grandma.
  • Fairy Tale Endings Aren't What They Used To Be
  • Finders Keepers.
  • The future looks Grimm


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