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Happy-Go-Nutty is a 1944 Screwy Squirrel cartoon directed by Tex Avery and released by MGM.

Screwy Squirrel[edit]

  • You know, those guys in there think I'm crazy. And I am, too!
  • [lights a match] Sure was a funny gag. Too bad you couldn't see it.
  • [answers phone in middle of chase] Hello? You don't say. You don't say. You don't say! [Meathead: Who was it?] He didn't say.


Screwy Squirrel: Say, you lose something, chum?
Meathead: I'm looking for that screwy squirrel.
Screwy Squirrel: Would you recognize him if you saw a picture?
Meathead: Sure.
Screwy Squirrel: [holds a picture frame in front of him] Is this him?
Meathead: Yeah, that's him.
Screwy Squirrel: He went that way, just over that fence.
Meathead: Gee, thanks.
[Meathead jumps over the fence and off a cliff]
Screwy Squirrel: [at the bottom of the cliff, holding a newspaper] Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Dumb dog falls for corny old gag! Extra!
[Meathead lands]
Screwy Squirrel: Paper, mister?
[Screwy hands Meathead paper; headline reads "Sucker!"]

Screwy Squirrel: [as Meathead chases Screwy, they pass the end title] Say, that was the end of the picture.
[They walk back to the end title card]
Meathead: Yup, that's it all right.
Screwy Squirrel: So long, Meathead.
Meathead: Goodbye.
Screwy Squirrel: Say, what was the idea of chasing me all through the picture?
Meathead: Because you're crazy. You think you're Napoleon, but you ain't. I am! [acts crazy]
Screwy Squirrel: You know, I like this ending. It's silly.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Wally Maher as Screwy Squirrel. (uncredited)
  • Dick Nelson as Meathead. (uncredited)