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Hare Tonic is a 1945 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Chuck Jones and written by Tedd Pierce. It stars Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. In the short, Bugs Bunny tricks Elmer Fudd into believing his house has been quarantined for something called "rabbititus."


Elmer Fudd: Oh, Mw. Wabbit. Mw. Wabbit. You awe fwee to scampew away. Faw, faw away.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no, Doc. Wouldn't think of it. [approaching Elmer, with the pot on his rear end] We're gonna brew a stew, remember?
Elmer Fudd: [backing away, very, very nervously] Oh, no! Pwease, Mw. Wabbit! Go away! Don't come any cwosew! [sitting on top of his door] D-Don't come neaw me! Nooooooooo!
Bugs Bunny: [sniffing his glove, to the audience] Oh, goodness! Don't tell me I offend.
Elmer Fudd: [hiding behind his door] Oh, pwease, Mw. Wabbit. Make twacks. Scuwwy away. SCWAM!
Bugs Bunny: [angrily] Okay! I can take a hint! [leaving, with the pot still on his rear end]I know when I'm not wanted! Goodbye! [He angrily shuts the door. Suddenly, he knocks on the door. He opens the door, returning]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, you wabbit! I towd you to scwam! [Bugs points to a new sign on the front door] "'Quawantined fow Wabbititus. No one may weave pwemises. [Bugs Bunny shrugs his shoulders] Oh, this is tewwibwe. Twapped with a cwazy, contaminated wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, now, doc. Don't get yourself in a dither. How do you know I'm contaminated? I haven't got no symptoms. You don't see no spots before my eyes, do you? [Spots appear before his eyes]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: My tongue ain't coated. See? [He sticks out his tongue. It has a small overcoat on]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, my gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: I don't throw fits. [He starts throwing fits]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, gwacious! Oh, my!
Bugs Bunny: [He advances towards Elmer like the Frankenstein monster. Elmer backs against a wall] No, see. Never felt better in my life. I'm full of pep. [grabs Elmer's hand and starts dancing with him] Well yes, yes. Well all feet. C'mon, Jackson. Cut yourself a slice of rug.
Elmer Fudd: Oh, wet go of my hand, you cwazy wabbit! Oh, now you've done it! You've contaminated me! Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho!

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