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Hare Tonic is a 1945 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series, directed by Chuck Jones and written by Tedd Pierce. It stars Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. In the short, Bugs Bunny tricks Elmer Fudd into believing his house has been quarantined for something called "rabbititus."

Bugs Bunny[edit]

  • [peeks out of the basket] He don't know me vewy well. Do he?
  • Uh Oh! Wait a minute! This setup's too good. I just can't leave. I gotta get back and heckle that character.
  • Oh. Margaret! What a dope! That was just a gag, of course! You Folks haven't got rabbittius! Why, if you had rabbititus, you would see red and yellow spots before your eyes! [red and yellow spots appear] Yeah! That's right! And then, they start swirling and swirling around and then, suddenly, everything had go black! [the scene fades to black]


Elmer Fudd: [singing] Mama's wittle baby woves wabbit, wabbit, Mama's wittle baby woves wabbit stew!
Bugs Bunny: [inside Elmer's basket] Eh, what's up, Doc? What's in the basket?
Elmer Fudd: A wabbit. I'm gonna make a wabbit stew.
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit? Mmm, mmm! Love it, love it!
[Jumps out of basket and jumps excitedly in front of Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: Hey, Lemme see the rabbit, mister! Can I see the rabbit, Huh? Please let me see the rabbit!
Elmer Fudd: Awright.
[Bugs goes inside basket, comes out other side]
Bugs Bunny: No rabbit in there, Doc! You've been robbed!
Elmer Fudd: No wabbit? Well, I...
[Elmer crawls into basket, Bugs carries basket]
Bugs Bunny: [singing] Mama's little baby loves rabbit, rabbit, mama's little baby loves rabbit stew!
Elmer Fudd: Ooh, you twickster! You're the wabbit!

Elmer Fudd: Oh, this is tewwible. Trapped with a cwazy, contaminated wabbit.
Bugs Bunny: Oh, now doc. Don't get yourself in a dither. How do you know I'm contaminated? I haven't got no symptoms. You don't see no spots before my eyes, do you?
[Spots appear before Bugs' eyes]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: My tongue ain't coated. See?
[Sticks out his tongue; it has a small overcoat on]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, my gwacious!
Bugs Bunny: I don't throw fits.
[Starts throwing fits]
Elmer Fudd: Oh, gwacious! Oh, my!
[Bugs advances towards Elmer like the Frankenstein monster; Elmer backs against a wall]
Bugs Bunny: No, siree. Never felt better in my life. I'm full of pep.
[Grabs Elmer's hand and starts dancing with him]
Bugs Bunny: Well yes, yes. Well all reet. C'mon, Jackson. Cut yourself a slice of rug.
Elmer Fudd: Oh, let go of my hand, you cwazy wabbit! Oh, now you've done it. You've contaminated me! Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho!

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