Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is a 1991 action film, starring Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson. The film was written by Don Michael Paul and directed by Simon Wincer.

Harley Davidson[edit]

  • Oh God, if you're up there, looking down from wherever it is you look down from... look away now.

The Marlboro Man[edit]

  • You ain't gonna find God with me. When I'm dead and done, I don't want no damn excuses for I did.
  • My old man used to tell me, before he left this shitty world, "Never chase buses or women - you always get left behind."
  • My old man used to tell me, before he left this shitty world, "The right woman can make ya and the wrong woman can break ya."


Harley: [Pointing to a photograph in his wallet] One morning I woke up and she was gone. I still have feelings for her deep inside.
Marlboro: Well, I only know of two cures for that particular ailment. And since you don't drink no more, you're down to one.
Marlboro: [Regarding Harley's shooting skills, as Harley reloads his Ruger Super Blackhawk .454 Casull] You know, it costs two bucks every time you fire that thing. That's two bucks a bullet.
Harley: Well, how many I hit?
Marlboro: You've spent twelve bucks and not hit a god damn thing. I've spent about a buck and a quarter and hit two of them.
Harley: Where'd they go?
Marlboro [Sees Daniel Baldwin's character, Alexander and his remaining henchman, who open fire with their fully automatic AUG assault rifles] [...] Right there and they're spending a fortune!
Marlboro: [On being handed a gun to shoot Chance Wilder] I... I can't do it...
Harley: What's wrong?
Marlboro: My old man used to tell me, before he left this shitty world, not to kill an unarmed man.
Harley: What's your old man got to do with it?
Marlboro: You leave my old man out of this!
Harley: [throws a revolver to Chance] There you go, now he's armed.
Marlboro: That gun's empty, Harley.
Harley: So what? This piece of shit sells drugs to kids.
Marlboro: [Awaiting Alexander to make a deal to exchange drugs for the lease on their favourite bar] You know this ain't gonna fly?
Harley: It'll fly.
Marlboro: You wanna bet?
Harley: I'll bet you a Dollar. But if you win I'm gonna have to owe you - that cab fare last night broke me.
Marlboro: If I win, we're dead.
[Phone rings]
Harley: Hello, American Airlines...?