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Harold Livingston (September 4, 1924 – April 28, 2022) was an American novelist and screenwriter who is best known as the credited screenwriter for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).


The Climacticon (1960)[edit]

All page numbers from the mass market first edition published by Ballantine Books (Catalogue number 406K)
  • What I mean, you can’t just go ahead and foist on the consumer some gimmick that potentially could undermine our entire social and economic system. Simply because the consumer wants it.
    • Chapter (p. 8)
  • Flash turned and looked over his shoulder. I was there, all right, some distance away but close enough for Flash to realize I would always be there, waiting, ready to overtake him the first instant he faltered. He knew it, and I knew it, and we neither of us harbored any ill feeling because of it. It’s the way of the world, the business world.
    • Chapter 2 (p. 21)
  • “Which brings up a small matter I want to discuss.”
    I said nothing. When your superiors bring up small matters they want to discuss, it’s always wise to maintain a watchful silence. I know of no small matters that make pleasant conversation.
    • Chapter 4 (p. 36)
  • When a man knows what he is talking about, his voice crackles with authority.
    • Chapter 5 (p. 48)
  • Already, less than five minutes after being fired, I was on the contagious list. A leper is more welcome than a discharged employee.
    • Chapter 6 (p. 67)
  • Henry Chatterly’s mouth became a fine, narrow line across the lower half of his face. His eyes glittered hard, in for just one instant that fresh-faced youth, Ivy League appearance vanished. It was like The Picture of Dorian Gray, only instead of a depraved old man I saw a storm trooper.
    • Chapter 10 (pp. 121-122)
  • “We’ll be doing all humanity a service.”
    “May I ask who appointed you humanity’s savior?”
    “My conscience,” I said unhesitatingly. “And my common sense.”
    “An honest reply,” he said. “I like that in young men. You have the courage of your convictions, something you don’t often find in the younger generation.”
    • Chapter 13 (p. 170)

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