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Harold Monro

Harold Edward Monro (14 March 187916 March 1932) was a Belgian-born British poet, publisher, bookseller and anthologist. He was a tireless supporter of contemporary English poetry, not least as publisher of Edward Marsh's Georgian Poetry series.


  • O cool glad pasture; living tree, tall corn,
    Great cliff, or languid sloping sand, cold sea,
    Waves: river curving; you, eternal flowers,
    Give me content, while I can think of you:
    Give me your living breath!
    Back to your rampart, Death!
    • "Living", line 36, from Alida Monro (ed.) Collected Poems (London: Duckworth, [1933] 1970) p. 13.

  • Cupid has offered his arrows for Jesus to try;
    He has offered his bow for the game.
    But Jesus went weeping away, and left him there wondering why.
    • "Children of Love", line 34, from Alida Monro (ed.) Collected Poems (London: Duckworth, [1933] 1970) p. 154.

  • The children eat and wriggle and laugh,
    The two old ladies stroke their silk;
    But the cat is grown small and thin with desire,
    Transformed to a creeping lust for milk.
    • "Milk for the Cat", line 17, from Alida Monro (ed.) Collected Poems (London: Duckworth, [1933] 1970) p. 163.


  • His poetry, as a whole, is more nearly the real right thing than any of the poetry of a somewhat older generation than mine except Mr. Yeats's.
    • T. S. Eliot, in Alida Monro (ed.) The Collected Poems of Harold Monro (London: Cobden-Sanderson, 1933) p. xiv.

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