Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford

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Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford (April 3, 1835August 14, 1921) was a notable American writer remembered for her novels, poems and detective stories.


  • The awful phantom of the hungry poor.
    • A Winter’s Night (sonnet).
  • Ah, happy world, where all things live
    Creatures of one great law, indeed;
    Bound by strong roots, the splendid flower,—
    Swept by great seas, the drifting seed!
    • The Story of the Flower.
  • A place of dream, the Holy Land
    Hangs midway between earth and heaven.
    • The Holy Land.
  • Beauty vanishes like a vapor,
    Preach the men of musty morals.
    • Evanescence (1900).
  • He is one of those people to whom you must allow moods,—when their sun shines, dance,—and when their vapors rise, sit in the shadow.
    • The Amber Gods (1863).

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