Harriet Monroe

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Harriet Monroe

Harriet Monroe (December 23, 1860 – September 26, 1936) was an American editor, scholar, literary critic, poet and patron of the arts.


  • A book of poems should have almost as many dedications as titles for the poet must always sing for some friend whether the friend knows it or not
    • Dedication 'You and I' Macmillan, New York October 1914
  • Poetry, perhaps the finest of fine arts, certainly the shynest and most elusive? ,poetry which must have listeners, which cannot sing into a void.
    • A Poets life, Seventy Years in Changing the World Macmillan, New York 1938

The New Poetry (1918)[edit]

The New Poetry - An anthology ed Monroe & Henderson Macmillan 1918

  • 'Verse libertines' pioneered the work to get rid of obstacles between that which hampered the poet and separated him from his audience, less a matter of rules and formulae , more a return of spirit.
  • What is new poetry? The difference is not mere details of form, measure rhyme schemes or diction, but a return to contemporary speech, thought, imagination and spiritual life, coupled with oriental (Japan & China) and cosmopolitan influences ,and a direction of vision, with perfection of form and delicacy of feeling.

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