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Harris Michael Brewis (born September 19th 1992), better known as Hbomberguy, is a British YouTuber and Twitch streamer.


  • People seek these solutions because they perceive on some level a problem, and they’re right. Something is wrong with the world right now. The world is figuratively on fire, world leaders are asleep at the wheel, there’s nothing in place to prevent another massive financial crash which will destroy thousands if not millions of livelihoods, and ecologically speaking, instead of being, you know, figuratively on fire, the earth is literally on fire, wildfires are getting worse, temperatures are shifting all over the place, ice is melting at an astounding rate... even on a globe earth, the edge is coming fast. So I can’t blame anyone for feeling alienated and lonely about living in late capitalist society. You know, at least under feudalism we had job security. So of course people are gonna try and find something that helps them cope, or seems like a solution. I mean, that’s why you get cults, that’s why you get Scientology, that’s why you get Jordan Peterson supporters. You know, something is wrong, and we can all tell, and some people have arrived at a solution that doesn’t really work.

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