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Harry Furniss aged 26, at about the time he started to work for Punch.

Henry (Harry) Furniss (26 March 185414 January 1925) was an artist and illustrator.


"Confessions of a Caricaturist", vol. 1 (1901)[edit]

  • We worked together for seven years. Tenniel and other artists declared I would not work with Carroll for seven weeks! I accepted the challenge, but I, for that purpose, adopted quite a new method. No artist is more matter-of-fact or businesslike than myself: to Carroll I was not Hy. F., but someone else, as he was someone else. I was wilful and erratic, bordering on insanity. We therefore got on splendidly.
  • To have known the man was even as great a treat as to read his books. Lewis Carroll was as unlike any other man as his books were unlike any other author's books. It was a relief to meet the pure simple, innocent dreamer of children, after the selfish commercial mind of most authors.

Quotes about Furniss[edit]

  • In More Romps there is plenty of healthy spirit, but just a suspicion of vulgarity, against which Mr. Harry Furniss would do well to guard in his future illustration of childish revelry.
    • Book Review, Observer, 12 Dec 1886, p. 6.
  • The artist's tact in meeting the author in the wood where things have no names kept their association alive for the seven years that Carroll was puttering with the book [Sylvie and Bruno] and that Furniss was supposed to be looking at the pictures.

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