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Harvester is a game from 1996, by DigiFX interactive Inc, released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) limited.


Stickaroo from the TV station: "Ah, shit! Ah, shit on a stickaroo!"
Steve: What's wrong with your TV?
Hank:What do you mean?
Steve: It's all black and white. Where are the colors?
Hank: What are you talking about, this TV is brand new! There are no TVs with color on them.
Steve: But I'm sure I have seen a color TV before...
Hank: Yeah, sure... stop making up stories.

Various townspeople: You always were a kidder, Steve!

Steve: You killed your family?
Vietnam Veteran: What of it?

Mrs. Pottsdam: Hello, Steve. Care to stay for some pot roast?
Mr. Pottsdam: Forget the pot roast, mother! Pot roast isn't for backstabbers. For persecutors! I won't share my meat with him! [eyes bulging] My meat! MY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Mr. Pottsdam: This town won't be the same without DNA's Diner. Or DNA, for that matter.

[After a spinal cord is found in Stephanie's place]

Mrs. Pottsdam: Was it... suicide?
Sheriff Dwayne: Never heard of anyone pulling their own spinal cord out before. Off the record, I'd have to say no. No... all in all, I'd say this was natural causes.
Steve: [stares at him] Natural causes?!
Sheriff Dwayne: You can't live without a spinal cord, son. Nothing unnatural about that.

Priest: Is God a jar of strawberry preserves, a size 12 sneaker, a footlong Hogie, an all-expense paid trip to Brazil, or a NEWWW CARRRRR?!
Steve: [Choice number 6] None of the above, it's a trick question.
Priest: Heretic!

[One of the two endings of the game, in which Steve returns to the real world; he sits in his room typing]

Steve's Real Mother: [peering in] What're you doing, Steve?
Steve: [deadpan voice] Playing Harvester.
Steve's Real Mother: That thing? I looked at it the other day. The very thought, breeding serial killers. It's disgusting!
Steve: It's cool.
Steve's Real Mother: You'll rot your mind playing games like that... don't you know that people who watch violence become violent themselves?
Steve: [turns to her] That's bullshit, mom.
Steve's Real Mother: No it isn't. Why do you think they started cutting the violence out of those... Roadrunner cartoons? [leaves]
Steve: Roadrunner cartoons? Heh. Roadrunner cartoons? Heheh! Ehahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[camera travels into his laughing mouth and down his esophagus, finding a severed finger in his stomach]

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