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The tomb of Hassan Ghaznavi in Joveyn County, Iran.

Ashrafuddin Abu Muhammad Hasan ibn Muhammad Husayni Ghaznavi, also known as Hassan Ghaznavi (1140— 1170) was a 12th-century Persian poet. Originating from Ghazna now in Afghanistan.



  • The fragrant rose blossoms in the garden;
    It seems to me, this is the face of my Fairest.
    The tulip in the green meadow appears to the eye
    As the face of the Beloved sitting beside me.
    From afar, the intoxicated narcissus
    Is my Sweetheart's eye looking out for me.
    When I see the violets, I say to myself:
    'These are his locks, or else my emaculated body.'
    • Persian Sufi Poetry, p. 64

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  • J. T. P. De Bruijn: Persian Sufi Poetry, Curzon Press, Surrey, United Kingdom, 1997
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