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Hating Alison Ashley is a 2005 Australian film about classmates Erica Yurgen and Alison Ashley who vie with each other to become the undisputed star of their class.

Directed by Geoff Bennett. Written by Christine Madafferi, based on the novel by Robin Klein.
How could anyone be so perfect?taglines

Erica Yurken[edit]

In a childhood is magical and happy time, where a girl really blossoms to her full potential in surroundings of beauty and tranquility. Barringa East was not one of those places.

  • In a matter of weeks Miss Belmont had crushed us like insects, I liked her.
  • Alison, this is Barry Hollis my stalker.
  • The pen took control of my hand, before i new it Alison Ashley was listed 1st on my camp cabin list!!

Barry Hollis[edit]

  • Sure I'll come to after Erica shows you the freak show I'll show you the good bits.
  • Barry Hollis is the school bully. He represents the dark side of the school.
  • He is a dumb guy.

he is hot

Miss Belmont[edit]

  • Last night i spent hours going threw your assignments on Greenland and afterward I felt dirty like a part of my life had be stolen forever so now I'm going to steal a part of yours.
  • Ahhh James Adams what can I say about half a page off Democracy obscene dribble written in red pen that confuses Greenland with Queensland, Ahhh I know. Tom Burrow on the net are we? And now for Masa Miss Finland in the national flag well fascinating to you it doesn't constitute in depth research does it. As usual Erica's assignment was the exception it was legible it made some sense and most importantly it got the right country. lol


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