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Hauwa Ibrahim in 2018

Hauwa Ibrahim (born 20th January 1968) is a Nigerian human rights lawyer who won the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize in 2005.


  • The powerful force that unite us is our human dignity... I beg you as we move on today and I urge you that we all have potential in us to ask ,to ask that we don't see the other person as the other but we are because they are,The concept of the other does not make us understand each other, so let's ask that we see the other person as we. That is one step that each of us can take, then we can seek peace but above all as the drum of war is now ringing let us knock at the door of peace".
    • [1] speaking on humanity on 9th September 2013
  • "It is the ability when we look at issues of international peace and justice and freedom that we remember that dialogue does not hurt, that we can engage that we don't have enemies, people can disagree with us, but they are not our enemies at all and that we can make allies".
    • [2] Quoted in TEDxHaugeAcademy (9th September 2013), where she described the humanity behind the Shariah.
  • “We celebrate today because there are women and men who have made it possible,”
    • [3] Hauwa Speaking on international women's day.
  • Every immigrant have its purpose that it is, they fill some gaps to improve the situation in Europe and also get shelter and security in terms of war situations.
    • [4]Hauwa Ibrahim speaking about immigrants
  • "stand up, shake it up, and keep going."
    • [5] Hauwa speaks on greatness and failure.
  • At one point in life, we are migrants or refugees, if not us, our great grand-parents. What is important is that everyone is treated with the dignity of a human person.
    • [6] Hauwa Ibrahim speaks on treating humans with dignity.
  • The future of human rights is optimistic. If I look back to fifty years ago, before the declaration of human rights, and look forward to what is happening now, it is true that we made progress. Humanity is dynamic and continuously changing, for example, the entertainment and advertising industry is totally changing our mindsets. I think that human rights laws are making a lot of work but the basic challenge should be NGOs, community-based organisations, inter-governmental agencies. We should not think about human rights in terms of what can we gain from them, but in terms of what we can give to them.
    • [7] Hauwa Ibrahim speaks on the future of human rights in the nearest future.
  • The possibility of establishing a positive and constructive dialogue is that You do not fight ideology and extremists with weapons. We cannot defeat them with drones, I think we can do more than that. We have to get other strategies and tactics.
    • [8] Hauwa Ibrahim speaks on finding other strategies and tactics to establish a positive dialogue.
  • I had a focus. What is your focus? ... You will be tested. What should you do? We don’t know. You are going into a new world order that you may be defining.
  • Spread your wings. Soar like an eagle. May the wind be behind you. May the sun be in front of you on your face and may you fly.
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