Hawaii Five-O (1968 TV series, season 2)

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Hawaii Five-O (1968–1980) was an American television series, that aired on CBS, about a fictional Hawaiian state police unit run by Detective Steve McGarrett.

Bored, She Hung Herself [2.16][edit]

Warren: Come on home with me.
Wanda: No.
Warren: Look, I promise that I won't interfere with your lifestyle... within reason, that is.
Wanda: It's dear father, fair and life is problem.
Warren: The boy is going to destroy you.

Wanda: So help me Don, if you start chanting, I'll kick you.
Don: Peace. [chanting the Hare Krishna mantra]
Wanda: [yelling] I've ask you not to do that! You wanna know why... because I've had it! The whole mystic bit, the chanting, the hanging incense from the ceiling, the stopping from the heartbeat it's sick, sick, sick! I can't take it anymore!

Warren: She had so much to give... unless he had twisted her... so destroyed her.
McGarrett: He? Who is he?
Warren: Don Miles. The boy that Wanda was involve with. He couldn't get a job, couldn't wear shoes, couldn't cut his hair. He could teach himself to hang and was teaching her. He was teaching her to hang herself... to kill herself.

Run, Johnny, Run [2.17][edit]

Thomas: (shouting) John?! John!! I brought Mr. McGarret with me!! Mamas says "You're to trust Mr. McGarret!!"
McGarrett: (shouting) John?!! John?!! I've come as far as I'm coming!! Hide your tail out of there or the SeaPees will come and get you! John, I'm here to help you!
Thomas: There he is!
[John came from far away]
McGarrett: John.