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Hawkeye is an American television miniseries created by Jonathan Igla for the streaming service Disney+, based on Marvel Comics featuring the characters Clint Barton / Hawkeye and Kate Bishop / Hawkeye.

Never Meet Your Heroes [1.01][edit]

Hide and Seek [1.02][edit]

Clint: Look, I gotta find a place to stash you. Safe. So I can recover the suit and clean your mess.
Kate: Stash me? I'm not a bag of money.
Clint: No, you're not. A bag of money'd be useful to me.
Kate: I actually do know a place about 10 blocks away. Would a bag of money know a place?

Clint: When did everybody start saying, "I love you," to everybody all the time?
Kate: That was my mom. Since when did your heart shrink three sizes?
Clint: When a little girl in a ninja costume stole my Christmas.

Eleanor: What's this I hear about a fire in your apartment last night?
Kate: I can explain. Can we talk? Without the interloper?
Eleanor: Please.
Jack: No, no, it makes perfect sense that she would hostile. She likely feels displaced by me, and she's testing our new dynamic. She both desires my approval, yet wants to set firm boundaries. She feels threatened by me, and you know what? I can understand why. I bought a book. About being a stepdad.
Kate: Money well spent, Jack.

Echoes [1.03][edit]

Clint: There are several reasons why I'd never wear a flashy costume. My job is to be, number one, a ghost. Number two, my wife would divorce me if I put something like this on. And number three, uh… I'm not a role model. I'm sorry, Kate. I'm not a role model to anyone. Never have been.

Partners, Am I Right? [1.04][edit]

Jack: Well, you know what they say… life is short. You never know what you're gonna get. (Eleanor laughs) What? What'd I say? Did I say something wrong or…
Kate: Every time you use one of the those aphorisms, they are… wrong.
Jack: What? No. That can't be right, is it? Darling. Please.
Eleanor: The other day, you said, "Absence makes the heart grow older."
Jack: Because that's what it does. No. Really?
Eleanor: Yeah. Honey. Come here. Aw. You're making my heart grow older.

Ronin [1.05][edit]

[Clint visits the Battle of New York Memorial just outside Grand Central Station]
Clint Barton: [looks at plaque] Natasha, I really need to talk to you right now. You were the bravest of us all, weren't you? Loyal, stubborn. You always had to win, didn't you? And for a stupid orange rock. I replayed that a million times in my head hoping for a different outcome, but I do my best every day to earn what you gave me. Just wanna say... just wanna say I miss you, and I'm so sorry for what I am about to do.

So This Is Christmas? [1.06][edit]

Kingpin: The Ronin is running around the city. An Avenger has taken an outsized interest in our operations, and the Bishop woman, she thinks that she can quit her job, as if she works for Goldman Sachs. And Maya… My Maya… She's turned on us.
Kazi: Yeah.
Kingpin: What will we do about it? The people need to be reminded that the city belongs to me.

Kate: When I was younger, aliens invaded. And I was alone. And I was terrified. But then I saw you, Clint, fighting aliens with a stick and a string. I saw you jump from that building even though you can't fly, even though you don't have superpowers. And I thought, "if he could do that, then I didn't have to be scared." You showed me that being a hero isn't just for people who can fly or shoot lasers out of their hands, it's for anyone, who's brave enough to do what's right, no matter the cost.

Eleanor: Is this what heroes do? Arrest their mothers on Christmas?
Kate: I'm sorry. I love you, Mom.

[Yelena has severely beaten up Clint and is ready to finally kill him as revenge for Natasha's death - until Clint makes the secret whistle only the sisters know]
Yelena Belova: How do you know that?
Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Your secret whistle with Nat. She talked about you all the time, Yelena.
Yelena: She did? What did she say?
Clint: She told me about how you got separated as kids. She was flying that plane. I asked her if she was scared. All she could think about is that you were safe. That never changed, Yelena. She loved you. And always wanted you safe.
Yelena: You got so much time with her.
Clint: Yes, I did.
Yelena: [gets more emotional] It shouldn't have gone this way. If I was there, I could have stopped it. I could have... I could have changed it.
Clint: Nothing was gonna stop her, Yelena. You know Natasha. [Yelena sobs] She made her choice. We're gonna have to find a way to live with that.
Yelena: I loved her so much.
Clint: Me too.
[Yelena offers her hand to help Clint stand]

Wendy Conrad: You know, I saw you with your sword earlier. Pretty handy with that thing. Have you ever heard of LARPing?
Jack Duquesne: LARPing? Is that some sort of leisure activity?
Wendy Conrad: Well, I'm in this guild, and--
Jack Duquesne: Balls! Think I got some blood on my tie.

Clint: [to Kate] You took on Kingpin all by yourself. Not many people walk away from somethin' like that. And I'm so proud of you.


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