He Knows You're Alone

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He Knows You're Alone (also known as Blood Wedding) is a 1980 American slasher film about a young bride-to-be who is being stalked by a serial killer.

Directed by Armand Mastroianni. Written by Scott Parker.
Every girl is frightened the night before her wedding, but this time... there's good reason!


  • [after the professor she is sleeping with pretends not to know her in front of his wife] I'm gonna bust his balls tonight.


[wanting to have sex with Joyce]
Professor Carl Mason: Come on, let's do it on the table.
Joyce: I told you, the table's too hard!
Professor Carl Mason: No it's not!
Joyce: Oh, that's easy for you to say, I'm the one on the bottom!

Nancy: Amy's getting married in a few weeks and she thinks some maniac is following her around.
Elliot: Oh, is he a big man?
Amy: Let's just forget it.
Elliot: No, Amy, is he a big man?
Amy: Yes.
Elliot: Probably sexual!

Detective Len Gamble: What do you have?
Detective Thompson: A tailor, murdered with a pair of scissors.
Detective Len Gamble: Does anyone else work here?
Detective Thompson: The dead guy's wife.
Detective Len Gamble: Find her, she may be able to help.
Detective Thompson: And what are you going to be doing?
Detective Len Gamble: Sleeping, I've had a long drive!
Detective Thompson: You're a big help!

[the police are investigating a murder in a movie theater]
Detective Len Gamble: Frank, why'd you get me out of bed for this one?
Det. Frank Daley: She was getting married, Len... next week.
Detective Len Gamble: I bet it's him.
Det. Frank Daley: No, wait, wait. Don't jump to any conclusions. It might be a coincidence.
Detective Len Gamble: Coincidence?
Det. Frank Daley: Yeah.
Detective Len Gamble: No, Frank, he's back. He giving me a second chance.

Amy: Ralph?
Ralph: Yeah?
Amy: Is it worth it?
Ralph: Huh?
Amy: Well, getting married, I mean.
Ralph: Get dressed, kid. [beat] I'll tell you the truth, though. Sometimes I wish I never got married. But other times, I wouldn't trade Roz for anybody. Heh. Marriage is like that. Good times, bad times. You learn to live with it. But it's better than being alone.

Father McKenna: I know a lot of people who have been married for years and they are still having second thoughts.
Amy: That's encouraging.
Father McKenna: But they should have never been married to begin with. They just made bad decisions and picked incompatible mates.
Amy: You trying to tell me something, Father?
Father McKenna: Me? No. I don't meddle. I just want you to be sure.


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