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Head is a 1968 American satirical musical adventure film in which The Monkees are tossed about in a psychedelic, surrealist, plotless, circular bit of fun fluff.

Directed by Bob Rafelson. Written by Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson.
What is HEAD all about? Only John Brockman's shrink knows for sure!

The Monkees[edit]

  • [chanted in unison] Hey hey we are the Monkees, you know we aim to please. A manufactured image with no philosophies.
  • Hey, hey, we are The Monkees; We've said it all before; The money's in, we're made of tin; we're here to give you more; The money's in, we're made of tin, we're here to give you...

Peter Tork[edit]

  • Well, let me tell you one thing son. Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor.

Davy Jones[edit]

  • [choosing Sonny Liston to box against] Great, I'll have a go at him. You won't hurt my face, will ya? Million dollar head, this.

Mike Nesmith[edit]

  • Okay. You think they call us plastic now, babe, but wait 'til I get through telling them how we do it.

Lord High 'n' Low[edit]

  • Anyway, the idea is this: byproducts. Imagine Italians. Blonde wigs for kids! Swords! The whole phallic thing is happening! I mean, why don't we use CLASSIC things? MILLIONS! I'm telling you, MILLIONS!
  • 'Atta boy, Mike. 'Atta boy. 'Atta boy, Mike. 'Atta boy, Mike.
  • Boys, don't never, but never, make fun of no cripples.


  • We were speaking of belief. Beliefs and conditioning. Whole belief possibly could be said to be the result of some conditioning. Thus, the study of history is simply the study of one system of beliefs deposing another, and so on and so on and so on. A psychologically tested belief of our time is that the central nervous system, which feeds its impulses directly to the brain: the conscious and subconscious, is unable to discern between the real and the vividly imagined experience. If there is a difference, and most of us believe there is, am I being clear? For to examine these concepts requires tremendous energy and discipline. To experience the now... without preconception or belief. To allow the unknown to occur and to occur requires clarity. But where there is clarity, there is no choice. And where there is choice, there is misery. But then, why should anyone listen to me? Or should I speak? Since I know nothing!


  • Inspector Shrink: Pleasure – the inevitable byproduct of our civilization. A new world – the only preoccupation will be: how to amuse itself. The tragedy of your time, my young friends, is that you may get exactly what you want.
  • Interviewee: Are you telling me that you don't see the connection between government and laughing at people?
  • Cow: Monkees is the craziest people!
  • Mrs. Ace: Changing your image, darling? While you're at it, why don't you have them write you some talent.
  • Play Man: Somebody come up and giggle at ya, that's a violation of your civil rights.
  • Bearded Man: Gunk bait. That's what the world is full of; that's what it's based on. That's what this economy is based on.


Peter: We were talking with the Master regarding the nature of conceptual reality. Psychologically speaking, the human mind, or brain or whatever, is almost incapable of distinguishing between the real and the vividly imagined experience. Sound and film and music and radio. Even these manipulative experiences are received more or less directly and uninterpretive by the mind. They are cataloged and recorded and either acted upon directly, or stored in the memory, or both. Now this process, unless we pay it tremendous attention, begins to separate us from the reality of the now. Am I being clear? For we must allow the reality of the now to just happen, as it happens. Observe and act with clarity. For where there is clarity, there is no choice. And where there is choice, there is misery. But then, why should I speak, since I know nothing?
Davy: Nothing? You know nothing?
Peter: That's right.
Davy: You mean to tell me we've been here sitting listening to you and you know nothing?
Peter: Don't you see, David? It doesn't matter whether we're in the box or not.

Testy True: [holding out her snake-bitten finger] Quick! Suck it before the venom reaches my heart.
Mike: WHAT heart?

Peter: Everybody's where they wanna be.
Micky: That is a particularly inept thing to say, Peter, considering that we are in a vacuum cleaner.

Mike: [ordering at the studio commissary] I'll have a finger sandwich, hold the mold.
Davy: And, uh, I'd like a glass of cold gravy with a hair in it, please.
Mrs. Ace: [sarcastically] One of your own?

Peter: Hey, Mike, son of a gun, a millionaire at 25.
Mike: Ask me how does it feel.
Peter: What?
Mike: Ask me how does it feel.
Peter: How does it feel?
Mike: I'll tell you how it feels. I don't like it, that's how it feels! I don't like surprises, I don't like all these people jumping around and shouting, wha - I don't even wanna HEAR what you're saying! Because you know what you're saying to me? You're saying "Happy Birthday" and you're jumping out of the walls and it's scaring me to death, and I'm supposed to be HAPPY about that.
Micky: Aww, come on, Mike. Be a good sport.
Mike: Well, WHO NEEDS IT? Who needs surprises, and pajamas. You want to throw a birthday party, you don't kidnap me, you send me an invitation. Besides, I probably would have been happier where I was, sleeping. "Happy birthday"... HAH! [embarrassed murmur from party guests] And I'll tell you something else too: the same thing goes for Christmas. [shocked gasps from the guests] Well, how 'bout THEM apples!

The Critic: Song was pretty white.
Davy: Well, so am I, what can I tell ya?
The Critic: You've been working on your dancing, though.
Davy: Oh, yeah, yeah. I've been rehearsing it lately. You noticed that.
The Critic: Yeah, it doesn't leave you much time for your music. You should spend more time on it; because, the youth of America depends on you to show the way.
Davy: Yeah?
The Critic: Yeah.

Crowd: We want the Monkees! We want the Monkees!
Davy: Hello everybody. How is it going today?
Crowd: Wooooooohoooo!!!
Davy: Great. And now, we are going to bring you a song for the audience, and it's called... "Circle Sky".
Peter: So, we have to get our instruments ready.
[The Monkees grab their instruments.]
Micky: And there we go.
Michael: That should do it, Micky. All right everybody, let's get this party started, and make... lots... of... NOISE!
(The Monkees started playing "Circle Sky". The crowd goes wild.)

Davy: Give me a "W"!!
Crowd: W!!!
Peter: Give me an "A"!!
Crowd: A!!!
Micky: Give me an "R"!!
Crowd: R!!!
Michael: What does it spell?
Crowd: WAR!!!


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