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Heart and Souls is a 1993 fantasy-comedy film about the souls of four deceased people who are trapped on earth and can only be seen by a single living human being who is recruited to help them take care of their unfinished business. The movie was directed by Ron Underwood and was filmed in San Fransisco.


  • [to a child he robbed] Hey, life's tough. Sometimes, you don't get what you want. Mostly, you don't get what you want.
  • [to the person that caused his death] I can't get a decent meal, I can't get a smoke, and mostly, I can't get laid. You turned me into a monk!


Hal: I like that, it adds unity.


Milo: Look, I'm a man.
Julia: You're a *dead* man.
Milo: You bug me! You've been bugging me since the early-'70s.

Milo: He likes to play the field. He takes after me.
Julia: A baboon in heat takes after you.
Milo: Funny. You're killing me, you're really killing me. Oh yeah, I'm already dead. I forgot.

Hal: It is time, ooooh!
Milo: Is it time? Ooooh!

Harrison: Who came up with this ridiculous concept anyway? Resolve your entire life in one bold stroke? What if I fail? And I will. I'll fail. I'm telling you. I always fail. Then my whole life will be a complete failure.
Thomas: No offense, Harrison. But you died a failure because you never tried.


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