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Heart of America (also called Home Room: Heart Of America or simply Home Room; not to be confused with the 2002 film Home Room) is a 2003 drama film by German director Uwe Boll about a fictional school shooting in a suburban high school. It is believed to have been inspired by such shootings as the Columbine High School Massacre. The film also addresses the issue of school bullying.

Daniel Lynne[edit]

  • What's our legacy? We came, we saw, we got pissed on weekly? Fuck that. I don't know about you, but I'm gonna walk where I wanna walk, Barry. And if you had an ounce of respect for yourself, you'd walk right beside me.
  • I'm thinkin' last day of school, first bell before homeroom. So what're you gonna say? You're not gonna punk out on me, are you?


Artie Lynn: Everyone else has a normal kid. Me, I got fuckin' Dark Lord. Well, you'll learn Daniel. After today things are gonna change for you in a major fuckin' way. Last day of high school. I haven't seen no acceptance letters from colleges rollin' in, have you?
Daniel Lynn: That's because I haven't applied to any.
Artie Lynn: Ah, that's my boy. Well, you know what, Daniel? Startin' Monday, you're in for a rude fuckin' awakening. It's called work. Because you're not goin' to school, you are gonna be bustin' your ass to bring a buck into this household; now you got that, buddy boy?
Daniel Lynn: Talk to me about it Monday.
Artie Lynn: You know, I got an idea for you. Why don't you just enjoy today? Because there ain't gonna be any more fun-in-the-fuckin'-sun days for you anytime soon.
Daniel Lynn: [Sarcastically] Yeah. It's been heaven.

Barry Schultz: We're not those kind of guys!
Daniel Lynn: What kind of guys? Guys that decide to stop taking abuse. Guys that take control of their own lives? What kind of guys are we, Barry? Me? I'm the kind of guy whose father likes to laugh at him when he comes home with cuts on his face... if he isn't to busy putting new ones on himself. Then I get to go to school and smear shit on myself. And you? What kinda guy are you? The kinda guy whose father walks out on him when he is still on shortpants. The kinda guy who cowers in the corner and leaves absolutely no impression on anything. Nobody gives a fuck about me, Barry. And you know what? Noone gives a fuck about you. Except... me. I'm the only friend you ever had. Am I wrong?
Barry Schultz: ...You're right.
Daniel Lynn: What pleasures do you have in your life? Has high school taught you anything- except how much this world blows? That expression's true; life does suck and then you do die. It's what you do before that matters, what mark you left, and since I could give a fuck whether or not I live or die... that's the only thing that I care about.
Barry Schultz: And what is that?
Daniel Lynn: I want those motherfuckers to know what they've done to me. I want them to feel it. And I want them to know that it's not okay.
Barry Schultz: It's not okay.

Daniel Lynn: Why're you on your knees, Paul? Why're you on your knees, Paul? Huh? Is it because I got a gun in my hand? This gun scare you? You do whatever you want to me; insult me, kick me, shit on me, and the only thing I can do to get some fucking respect from you is to hold a gun on you? This is pathetic! And this is your fault! You thought I was weak. Weak, huh? How weak am I now?! They teach us that man evolved from apes. I think that's wrong. I think man evolved from dogs...Don't fuckin' laugh at me! You know what happens when you kick a dog one too many times? Go ahead, you can answer that one. What happens when you kick a dog long enough?
Paul: I don't know.

[Daniel hesitates, gun shaking. Then his face hardens]

Daniel Lynn: ...They bite. [shoots Paul]

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