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Heartbreak Hotel is 1988 comedy film written and directed by Chris Columbous and starring David Keith and Tuesday Field. Set in 1972, the story deals with one of the many "legends" involving Elvis Presley (Keith) about his fictional kidnapping, and his subsequent redemption from decadence.


Elvis Presley: When I first met you, I didn't like you at all. I thought you were the most arrogant, selfish, ungrateful little bastard I'd ever met.


Elvis Presley: Then I started to remember how much I was like that at your age.
Johnny: Elvis, man. What happened at the talent show - thanks. I know you did that for me.
Elvis Presley: [frowns] Hell no, kid. I didn't do that for you. I did that for rock and roll.

Elvis Presley: Son, you're talking to Elvis Presley! Do I look like a dathing service?

Elvis Presley: Maybe I ought to go back to the old way of doing things. Really rock them again!
Jerry: [uneasy] Hell, you can't afford to take a chance like that, E. What about your image?
Elvis Presley: Can't afford it? Man, when I was broke I could afford to do anything I wanted?

[biterly, to himself]

Elvis Presley: Now I'm a millionaire. Can't afford to do a damned thing.

Johnny: You're kissing the same ass you used to kick.

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