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Heather Heyer ((May 29, 1985 – August 12, 2017) was an activist who died in the Charlottesville car attack, when a car crashed into a crowd of people who had been peacefully protesting the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.



  • Heyer was a challenge to raise sometimes because she was so strong-minded, but that didn’t upset Bro. She always encouraged her to be independent and think for herself. The two would discuss their shared concerns about racism and hatred. They supported fighting for equal treatment, whether through Black Lives Matter advocacy or by tipping waitresses fairly. Her daughter loved mac and cheese, cigarettes, scented candles, and products for her curly hair.
    • Ellie Silverman and Michael Laris, authors of above article
  • I'm just grieving my child.
    She died pretty instantly, she didn't suffer.
    She died of a heart attack right away at the scene.
    They revived her briefly and then — not consciously — just got her heart beating again and then her heart just stopped.
    • Susan Bro in 19 August 2017 NBC interview

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