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Heavenly Sword is a video game developed by Ninja Theory exclusively for the Playstation 3 console and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The game was released September 12 2007 in North America, September 14 2007 in the United Kingdom, September 19 2007 in Europe and September 20 2007 in Australia. A Film entitled Heavenly Sword based upon this video game was made in 2008.


  • There are few things in this world worth fighting for, but when you find them there is no greater fight.
  • Once I fought because I had to, because there was no other choice; but now I see the divine in the heart of battle, the beauty of bloodshed.
  • So many people have died because of this sword, and what did it ever bring in return? Nothing. Nothing. You have won. You have damned us all, and now you deign to say my time has come? You hold me captive and you choose this as your moment to destroy me? No. All you do is corrupt. You waste our lives, and what power do you really possess? It's me that's holding you. You can't even kill me. I won't let you kill me!
  • Every lifetime has one moment. You stand alone and you see it all so clearly.
  • To save my father's life I betray his whole reason for living.
  • I know its death that I'm holding now. Did I ever have a choice?
  • I do not need to be remembered. All that will matter is that I was here... in this moment.
  • [Clansman] How could a man like Shen trust you with the sword?
    • [Nariko] There was a time when I cared what the clan thought about me ... but that time is passed.
    • [Clansman] Then I shall pray for the world Nariko.
  • It's so much better when you're angry!
  • It is hard to remember who I was before I held a sword in my hand ... it is even harder now to face who I have become.
  • My clan believe this sword was forged in heaven for a deity. No mortal may wield it in battle without its power draining their life. The clan's duty is to protect the sacred weapon. Even in our darkest moments the sword is never to be used ... But I wielded the heavenly sword, savored the grace and fury in my blows, never once forgetting what I was offering for such power. Days ago I made my fatal choice. The pact is at an end, now I must pay the price.


  • (After shooting and killing General Flying Fox with an arrow) Peek-a-boo, arsehole...
  • Why did you have to leave Kai alone, Nariko?
  • Belief can change worlds and change lives but it can also make us blind.

General Flying Fox[edit]

  • I'm beginning to get bored playing with this twittering dormouse and when I begin to get bored I start to get messy ... so please refrain me from indulging in any futile exercise with this little ... peppercorn.

King Bohan[edit]

  • (After Shen and Nariko scream) AAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!! (pause) Kill her.
  • (To the Raven Lord, about General Flying Fox) There's something about that man I don't entirely trust.
  • But most of all... we must destroy that female hellhag, that demi-devil, who lures me ever towards her, waiting, waiting for the moment when she can sink her slavering jaws... into my... sacred... GENITALS!

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