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Hedgehog in the Fog is a 1975 Soviet animated film directed by Yuri Norstein, produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. The Russian script was written by Sergei Kozlov, who also published a book under the same name. In 2006, Norstein published a book titled Hedgehog in the Fog, listing himself as an author alongside Kozlov.

Directed by Yuri Norstein. Produced by Soyuzmultfilm. Written by Sergei Kozlov.


  • [after meeting the owl] Psycho.
  • [referring to the owl] What a weirdo...


[first lines]
Narrator: In the evenings, the little Hedgehog went to the Bear Cub to count stars. They would sit on the log and sip tea, gazing at the starry sky. It hung on the roof, just behind the chimney. To the right of the chimney were the Bear Cub's stars and the stars to the left were the Hedgehog's.

[last lines]
Bear Cub: Juniper twigs to get some smoke! And... and... who other than you knows how to count the stars?
Narrator: The Bear Cub talked and talked, and the Hedgehog thought, "Isn't it good that we're together again?" And also he thought about the Horse: how was she doing there, in the fog?

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