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Helen Burness Cruickshank (15 May 1886 – 2 March 1975) was a Scottish poet and suffragist and a focal point of the Scottish Renaissance. Scottish writers associated with the movement met at her home in Corstorphine.


  • I mind o' the Ponnage Pool,
    The reid brae risin',
    Morphie Lade,
    An' the saumon that louped the dam,
    A tree i' Martin's Den
    Wi' names carved on it;
    But I ken na wha I am.
    • The Ponnage Pool
  • Bide the storm ye canna hinder,
    Mindin’ through the strife,
    Hoo the luntin’ lowe o’ beauty
    Lichts the grey o’ life.
    • Sea Buckthorn
  • The man that mates wi’ Poverty
    An’ clasps her tae his banes,
    Will faither lean an’ lively thochts,
    A host o’ eident weans.
    • Comfort in Puirtith
  • Under an arch o’ bramble
    Saftly she goes,
    Dark broon een like velvet,
    Cheeks like the rose.
    • In Glenskenno Woods

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