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Helen Maria Williams, 1816

Helen Maria Williams (17 June 1759 – 15 December 1827) was an English novelist, poet, and translator of French-language works.


  • Expression, child of soul! I fondly trace
    Thy strong enchantment, when the poet's lyre,
    The painter's pencil cathch thy sacred fire,
    And beauty wakes for thee her touching grace
    • From 'Sonnet - to Expression', Poems 1786, kindle ebook ASIN B00849523Q
  • Pale moon ! thy mild benignant light
    May glad some other's captive sight
    Where are the years with pleasure gay
    How bright their course ! How short their stay !
    • from (I) & (II) 'Quenn Mary's Complaint', Poems 1786, kindle ebook ASIN B00849523Q
  • No riches from his scanty store
    My lover could impart
    He gave a boon I valued more—
    He gave me all his heart !
    • from 'A Song', Poems 1786, kindle ebook ASIN B00849523Q

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