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Helen Sharman in 2015

Helen Patricia Sharman, OBE (born 30 May 1963) is a British chemist. She was the first Briton in space, visiting the Mir space station aboard Soyuz TM-12 in 1991.


  • Reporter: After circling the planet for eight days, what was your most memorable impression of the earth from outer space?
    Helen Sharman: [Said without hesitation] There are no borders.
    • Radio Interview, 26 May 1991 after Soyuz TM-11 landing:
  • There is very little difference between men and women in space.
    • Independent on Sunday, 9 June 1991

About Helen Sharman

  • Once the press learnt of her success, she was called 'the girl from Mars'.
    • She worked for Mars the sweet manufacturer.
    • Women in Space: Following Valentina by David Shayler, Ian A. Moule, pub. Springer, ISBN 1852337443, p. 315
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