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Hell and Back is a 2015 American stop-motion adult animated fantasy comedy film about two best friends who set out to rescue their pal after he's accidentally dragged to hell.

Directed by Tom Gianas and Ross Shuman. Written by Tom Gianas, Hugh Sterbakov, and Zeb Wells.
Welcome to Hell.


1. God Dang It! 2. Don't worry. We'll find someone and get out of here.


  • I'm so scared my crap just craped


its pants.
  • It's true that I cover my sadness with carbs.

Curt Myers[edit]

  • May I keep my word or Beelzebub will find me.


  • Your mother doesn't live here, and if she does, she was a whore.


  • Cleb the Carny: I'll punch your penis off with my mouth, bro!
  • Garthog the Demon: Yes! We're getting all the butthole
  • Madame Zonar: This is not the first time a man has said this to me.


Madame Zonar: You are talented young one, but you spend too much time, touching
your hand.
Augie: Wait what?

Deema: Pretty sure you're gonna die.
Remy: Take my liver, it's already dead.

Orpheus: You'd played around

a Cantonese dinner dish?

Remy: Um, yes.
Orpheus: Well... cool.


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