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Hellfighters is a 1968 American film starring John Wayne, Katherine Ross, Jim Hutton, Bruce Cabot, Jay C. Flippen and Vera Miles. The movie, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, is about a group of oil well firefighters, based loosely on the life of Red Adair. Adair, "Boots" Hansen, and "Coots" Matthews, served as technical advisors on the film.


Chance: [referring to the fact that Greg brings a girl to a different fire] What did you use for openers this time, the old headache gag? Why, you poor man, perhaps if I rubbed your neck?
Greg: True - every word, true. But it works.
Chance: Can't say I blame you. A fellow as ugly as you are probably couldn't get to first base without a fire.

Chance: Exactly WHAT did you tell her about Madame Loo?
Greg: Only that she's 80 years old, weighs 300 pounds and is one of your oldest friends.

Greg: [after being awakened by a kiss from Tish] What are you doing here?
Chance: [being awakened by Greg's question] What's Tish doing here?
Madelyn: That was my idea.
Chance: Somebody wake me up!

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