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Hello, I'm Your Aunt! (Russian: Здравствуйте, я ваша тётя!, Transliteration: Zdravstvuyte, ya vasha tyotya!) is a Soviet 1975 comedy film directed by Viktor Titov and is loosely based on the play Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas. Runtime - 98 min. Produced by T/O Ekran. The film was an immense hit; many lines of dialogue subsequently became catch phrases themselves.


Babbs: I am Charlie's aunt! I arrived from Brazil, the country of a lot of wild monkeys!

Colonel Chesney: I am an old soldier! and I know not the language of love! But when I first met you, Donna Rosa, I felt like a weary wayfarer who, at the ebb of his life... on a sunlit field... saw, Donna Rrrosa! a tender violet! (A part) Man, I'm good.

Babbs: No, no, no! He is not in love with me! He is in love with my millions!

Dona Rosa: It's hard to believe you lived in Brazil. For example all ladies there smoke cigars just like men. Do you have this habit?
Babbs: I adore cigars. Let's smoke! In our Brazilian way!

Brasset: What do you want, sir?
Babbs: Are you mad? I'm not sir, am I?
Brasset: Excuse me, milady.
Babbs: Milady wants a little glass of Cognac very much.

Charlie: Why? why did you brute have to make fun of him?
Babbs: I had to torture him a little bit, hadn't I?

Judge Crigg: At least a kiss! I entreat you... Rosalia!
Babbs: (after securing the marriage permission) I'll kiss you. Later. If you still want it.

Jackie Chesney: Some gin? Brandy? Rum?
Policeman: I'm in service, Sir.
Jackie Chesney: It means — whisky.


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