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Sascha Gerstner, Markus Grosskopf, Andi Deris, Michael Weikath and Daniel Löble

Helloween is a power metal band from Hamburg, Germany.


  • The True and Honest... Will find the Kingdom.
    • Text from the booklet of the 2007 album Gambling with the Devil.

Song lyrics[edit]

Heavy Metal is the law
that keeps us all united free
A law that shatters earth and hell
Heavy Metal can't be beaten
by any dynasty
We're all wizards fightin' with our spell

Walls of Jericho (1985)[edit]

  • I have to think for myself and then act
    In conformity of my own thoughts
    No one should tell me what's wrong and what's right
    Why don't you leave me alone
    Set me free
    • Ride the Sky, written by Kai Hansen
  • Where is he? the promised saviour, the one who'll save the earth
    Perhaps he'll come to bury us, but then it'll be too late
    Who are they? who are the phantoms? who will end our lives?
    It's you and me! You and me! Open up your eyes
    • Phantoms of Death, written by Kai Hansen
  • Metal invaders, the gods on their ride
    Sworn to bring metal, mayhem tonight
    • Metal Invaders, written by Kai Hansen
  • Heavy Metal is the law that keeps us all united free
    A law that shatters earth and hell
    Heavy Metal can't be beaten by any dynasty
    We're all wizards fightin' with our spell
    • Heavy Metal (Is the Law), written by Michael Weikath and Kai Hansen
  • In other worlds the children die
    Lacking food ill from a fly
    Oppressed by troops to tame their land
    It's all the same again

    If any man is free on earth
    Then tormentors steal his birth
    They slam gun butts in his face
    And leave his woman choked in mace

    • How Many Tears, written by Michael Weikath

Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1 (1987)[edit]

  • There's no use in hangin' all around
    You're a king, can't you see your crown
    Look into my eyes
    So many things are waiting to be done
    you just need a friend
    Together we will sing along
    • I'm Alive, written by Kai Hansen
  • Oh, I hear you say
    "That is the way of the world"
    No, hear what I say
    "I wanna do so much in my way"
    • A Little Time, written by Michael Kiske
  • In the streets on Halloween
    There's something going on
    No way to escape the power unknown
    In the streets on Halloween
    The spirits will arise
    Make your choice, it's hell or paradise
    Ah - It's Halloween
    Ah - It's Halloween... tonight!
    • Halloween, written by Kai Hansen
Did you make your choice?
You're the Keeper of the seven keys
Our only hope's your victory
So follow the sign
  • Now that you've made your choice
    Follow the sign

    Did you make your choice?
    You're the Keeper of the seven keys
    Our only hope's your victory
    So follow the sign

    • Follow the Sign, written by Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath

Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2 (1988)[edit]

  • In the sky a mighty eagle
    doesn't care 'bout what's illegal
    on its wings the rainbow's light
    it's flying to eternity
    • Eagle Fly Free, written by Michael Weikath
  • There's just one way I see
    the way I think it's right for me
    you say to me I will repent what I do
    if it's right I'll stop before
    • You Always Walk Alone, written by Michael Kiske
  • Look at the drunk man, look into his eyes
    See his strong hands
    But tomorrow they will tremble cold as ice
    See the drunk man, try to ask him why
    He will laugh, and tomorrow he will tell you another lie
    There's a fight in his head he cannot win
    Getting stronger, makes him mad, burning sin
    • You Always Walk Alone
  • And it's all in vain
    When you're living with pain
    Reap not goods you have grown
    By your own
    Feelings you like
    Disappear overnight
    You sip up every grin
    Free to win
    • Rise and Fall, written by Michael Weikath
  • We are credulous idiots
    And won't understand what they plan
    We march with the times
    It's what they expect and we do
    Why don't you open your eyes
    To undercover all of these lies
    I think you won't accept this
    Go oppose with your fist
    Fight for your rights
    • We Got the Right, written by Michael Kiske
  • We believe that the phenomena of nature
    Are the expression of infinitive intelligence
    We express our belief that all forms of life
    Are manifestations of spirit
    And thus, all men are children of God
    • Save Us, written by Kai Hansen
  • Life's too short to cry, long enough to try
    • March of Time, written by Kai Hansen
  • From our lives' beginning on
    We are pushed in little forms
    No one asks us how we like to be
    In school they teach you what to think
    But everyone says different things
    But they're all convinced that
    They're the ones to see
  • There's a million ways to see the things in life
    A million ways to be the fool
    In the end of it, none of us is right
    Sometimes we need to be alone
    • I Want Out
  • You're the keeper of the seven keys
    You locked up the seven seas
    And the seer of visions can now rest in peace
    There ain't no more demons and no more disease
    And, mankind, live up, you're free again
    Yes the tyrant is dead, he is gone, overthrown
    You have given our souls back to light
    • Keeper of the Seven Keys, written by Michael Weikath

Pink Bubbles Go Ape (1991)[edit]

  • Some people are much too smart
    They know everything before it starts

    Eating wisdom with the pail
    No wonder when it sticks

    In your darkest hour I will sing this song for you

    Cry and tell
    And slander
    Yell and grumble well
    So loud for heaven's sake

    Pink bubbles go ape!

    • Pink Bubbles Go Ape, written by Michael Kiske
  • We're the kids of the century
    We're lost in our games
    No time for the memories we look in the haze
    We're the kids of the century it wasn't our fault
    Ev'rything's done mum, we fall
    Let's keep on crying
    But sometimes I don't wanna fall
  • Now it's time for happiness, stay hard and trust your fate
    Don't forget you're something else you'll never be too late
    Trust your fathers' mighty spell you'll never be alone
    Fate will always turn out well and you'll be number one
    • Number One, written by Michael Weikath
  • What is wrong with our Heavy Metal Hamster?
    Look what they have done our Heavy Metal Hamsters
    Where is the field to run for our Heavy Metal Hamsters
    Some things are left undone for our Heavy Metal Hamsters
    • Heavy Metal Hamsters, written by Michael Weikath and Michael Kiske
  • Don't need to stone my brain, I need my head for something else
    I wanna live and learn, step by step I'm going on
    • Someone's Crying, written by Roland Grapow
  • Animals dying for our vanity
    Our world is a beautiful place to be free
    Drinking the blood of the weak, it's so easy
    No one hears them cry
    • Mankind, written by Roland Grapow and Michael Kiske
  • You're led by God but you're not a pawn
    Should live your life, don't care 'bout any scorn
    • The Chance, written by Roland Grapow
  • See the little boy
    Holding mama's hand
    His eyes can see the things
    We've long forgotten
    The world is easy now
    And somehow
    He's right, until there is this day
    When Mickey Mouse must go away
    • Your Turn, written by Michael Kiske

Chameleon (1993)[edit]

  • I was born when April guaranteed a sexual renaissance,
    And today we're all faced with death, rubbers and AIDS.
    In '68 some people went out to fight for freedom,
    They would never ever have thought that their children wear ties.
    And if you come to San Francisco -
    You're gonna meet some broken people there.
    Revolution now!
    • Revolution Now, written by Michael Weikath
  • No more lies, no false religions
    No more whys and wrong God missions
    No shiny TV priests begging for cash
    No more wars that no God's never asked for
    • I Believe, written by Michael Kiske

Master of the Rings (1994)[edit]

  • In the beginning
    Out of nowhere
    We had a dream
    And now it's Helloween
    • Still We Go, written by Roland Grapow
  • Still we go
    On the metal highway
    • Still We Go

The Time of the Oath (1996)[edit]

  • Though I cannot change the world we're living in
    I can always change myself
    • Wake up the Mountain, written by Uli Kusch and Andi Deris
  • We've got the power, we are divine
    We have the guts to follow the sign
    Extracting tension from sources unknown
    We are the ones to cover the throne
    • Power, written by Michael Weikath
  • I'm a son of a distant future
    I'm the last of the seven troopers
    And I came here for the 7th war
    • Before the War, written by Andi Deris
  • I'm the king of the night generation
    I'm anything my mama don't like
    I'm a slave of perverted nation
    Anything my mama don't like
    • Anything My Mama Don't Like, written by Andi Deris and Uli Kusch

Better Than Raw (1998)[edit]

  • It’s getting sicker frame by frame
    You’re always staring at the same
    What is a lie, what is the truth?
    Incredible disgusting news
    The world is rough, the end is near
    Just calculation with your fear
    Without a shame nor least respect
    The operators stand erect
    • Push, written by Andi Deris, Uli Kusch and Michael Weikath
With magic in our hands
We are lost-and-found contenders
For a kingdom of our stand
Come together no surrender at all
  • Hungry forever since we took a glance
    Feared that the world was taken by someone
    We realized by the look in your eyes
    Metal will never die

    With magic in our hands
    We are lost-and-found contenders
    For a kingdom of our stand
    Come together no surrender at all

    • Falling Higher, written by Andi Deris and Michael Weikath
  • Good or profane
    Odd or even
    All is face to face
    Sinner and saint
    Serve each other
    Life is called this place
    Do you know what to choose?
    It can't happen you lose
    Like the stars need the light
    No left without right
    • Hey Lord!, written by Andi Deris
  • We are the people, we are the masses you are for
    We give the power and our desire must be your law
    Don’t think I’m standing here all alone, one of a kind
    Don’t think because you’re still there
    Means that we are all blind
    Don’t spit on my mind
    • Don't Spit on My Mind, written by Andi Deris
  • Bemoan your words
    Bemoan your deeds
    Repent your thoughts of lies
    Attain your sword
    Attain your shield
    Defend the sense of life
    Bemoan your hate
    Repent your greed
    Improve your rotten seed
    • Revelation, written by Andi Deris
  • Show me anyone who doubts our ways
    I will laugh out loud and I will say

    I can

    • I Can, written by Michael Weikath

The Dark Ride (2000)[edit]

  • All over the nations the tunes come alive
    Winners and losers, we're all alike
    No matter as truth ain't some great mystery
    We all fade into one
    • All Over the Nations, written by Michael Weikath
  • No fear, no pain
    Nobody left to blame
    I'll try alone
    Make destiny my own
    I learn to free my mind
    Myself I now must find
    Once more
  • We are strong we're alive
    We have faith in his might
    We believe in the everlasting light
    Anytime, anywhere we will always be there
    We will fight for what's just and what's right
    We damn the night
    • We Damn the Night, written by Andi Deris
  • Two lives, one fate
    I have to leave
    So will you follow me?
    That's how it's meant to be
    I reigned as God
    I'm monumental
    Soon I will arise
    With you by my side
    And we will radiate the skies
    He who will gaze our lights
    Will kill his mind, his vision blind
    • Immortal, written by Andi Deris
  • I force the engine of your deadly sins
    Even through the darkest phase
    Be it thick or thin
    I'm your pain when you can't feel
    I know too well you'll follow me, you follow me down
    • The Dark Ride, written by Roland Grapow

Rabbit Don't Come Easy (2003)[edit]

  • Ignorant and wasted that's what you are
    But you could be so much more
    Listen to your TV, believe the words
    And you're dumber than before

    Try to see the real picture
    To train your mind to read between the lines
    Take your level higher that is your way
    Just get up, start out today

    • Open Your Life, written by Andi Deris
  • Take a look at what surround you
    Each time you watch the news
    Your mind gets set by someone's will
    A template you can't choose
    • The Tune, written by Michael Weikath
  • Forty million years ago
    There was a boy called Leif
    His skin was grey, his eyes were red
    The tentacles counted five
    • Sun 4 the World, written by Andi Deris
  • When you walk you walk higher than the others
    When you talk you talk merciless the bothering truth (truth)
    Everyone seems remote-controlled nowadays
    Only you have a frequency far beyond their ways (ways)
    • Don't Stop Being Crazy, written by Andi Deris

Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy (2005)[edit]

It don't get better
if you're locked behind your door
It don't get better
if you're hiding more and more
It may get better if you fight
It may get better
if you'd wear a mask and scream
On Halloween
  • It don't get better if you're locked behind your door
    It don't get better if you're hiding more and more
    It may get better if you fight
    It may get better if you'd wear a mask and scream
    On Halloween
    • Come Alive, written by Andi Deris
  • A little thing you sure will know
    Why you came here tonight
    And not to those other places
    I could imagine there's PCs and DVDs
    And TV shows
    And sex in cars what else you like
    Now right here is the place I got to be
    Tomorrow I'll be far away
    If you got time and nothing else to do now
    Together we can change the world
    • Get It Up, written by Michael Weikath
  • There is a chance for everyone
    Needs time but can be done
    Fight the darkness
    Don't be afraid my friends
    The last key you have to find
    And so will save mankind
    Keep on trying when I give away
    • My Life for One More Day, written by Markus Grosskopf and Andi Deris

Gambling with the Devil (2007)[edit]

  • So you want to be rich and you want to win fame
    Your face on a poster immortal your name
    So you want a good life on the highest top level
    Then bet your soul and turn the wheel
    It's gambling with the devil
    • Crack the Riddle (intro), written by Andi Deris, Michael Weikath, Sascha Gerstner, Dani Löble and Markus Grosskopf
  • The saints are marching again
    And harvest souls
    Taking every single one

    The saints march again
    And harmony
    Is here, ye can go testify

    • The Saints, written by Michael Weikath
  • I hear all those voices, I see all the signs
    Of killing, rape, forced conformity
    Hedonism, decay, deaf dumb and blind
    Where do we go from here
    • Paint a New World, written by Sascha Gerstner and Michael Weikath
  • Far above this ignorance
    A higher force you'll find
    Forever giving answers to the blind
    • Final Fortune, written by Markus Grosskopf
  • Did I keep my vow?
    Did I wrong somehow?
    Did I stay right on my way?
    Have I lied to cover
    My precious lover?
    My prurience for fame
    God help me
    • The Bells of the 7 Hells, written by Andi Deris
  • I am me
    Who do you think you are
    To tell me what to be
    I am me
    No matter what you say
    Today I keep my way
    I am me
    • I.M.E., written by Andi Deris
  • Well you can do it
    There's nothing to it
    When all others turn their backs on you
    There is still yourself to prove it to that

    You can do it
    There's nothing to it
    If the whole damn world abandoned you
    You're the only one worth listening to

    • Can Do It, written by Michael Weikath
  • You'll change my dream
    You'll guide my way to be
    You are the light
    You turn black into white
    You'll change my dream
    You'll bring reality
    You shine so bright
    You turn black into white
    • Dreambound, written by Sascha Gerstner and Michael Weikath

7 Sinners (2010)[edit]

  • Call me insane, call me hard wired
    But it's the only noise I like
    Believe in loud and fast and higher
    I can tell the sound of wrong or right

    What I hear I adhere
    Have no fear, say sincere

    Are you metal?

  • Sixteen years have passed since he,
    one perfect of his kind,
    the Casanova of his time,
    crowned himself to conquer the land
    in craving for lust
    Lust, one of the seven deadly sins
    Punishment he has suffered
    Look at him what did he become,
    who is he now?
    • Who is Mr. Madman?, written by Sascha Gerstner
  • Since ages now we're caught and occupied
    With our basic civil rights denied
    They came-to-conquer, took our beloved world
    We're left to thrive in sorrow and disgrace

    Some never knew what freedom was
    Now, there's guards everywhere
    Someone come!...
    Rise up tomorrow to rectify the injustice being done

    • Raise the Noise, written by Michael Weikath
  • I'm reaching out to find a reason
    To find an answer and relief
    I see a world so strange and cold
    I see a world of rules and thieves
    The day you're born you're under pressure
    Your life is well prepared my friend
    They surely teach you what to think how to behave until the end
    • Raise the Noise, written by Markus Grosskopf
  • Long live the king

    We shout every line
    We bang to the metal
    Some call out his name
    He makes the sign
    Now the stage is on fire
    Now explodes the air

    • Long Live the King, written by Andi Deris
  • We hurt who we love we destroy what we need
    For profit we sell our souls
    We're sowing disaster, the mess is complete,
    Resources will soon be consumed

    Open your eyes see the signs all around;
    Hoping fate will have mercy on all
    Someday the next generation will pay
    But one day it' s too late to regret

    • If a Mountain Could Talk, written by Markus Grosskopf

Straight Out of Hell (2013)[edit]

  • Warfare - the only solution for your stupid problems
    Soldiers - marching out for your revolution
    Killing and burning, destroying, overturning
    You got the license to hate
    All the others are cowards
    You believe they got no power
    stealing what they own
    • World of War, written by Sascha Gerstner
  • Get up and start to see now
    Give it a try and learn how
    To leave behind the wasteland
    Have no fear, I’m taking your hand

    Live Now!

    • Live Now!, written by Andi Deris and Sascha Gerstner
  • I see you beg for truth
    Here‘s some news I can convey
    All your life‘s in your own hands
    Flat or steep you define yourself

    Take a stance towards life that will keep you strong so you‘re in control
    Free your mind and choose from the good things that come your way

    • Years, written by Michael Weikath
  • No one ever knows how evolution goes
    The earth is still a plate with emptiness of goals
    No matter what you do a priest will suppress your knowledge
    The time that passes by makes us recognize
    That cross and robe are made not for paradise
    Just some odd relics of old worlds dusty mankind
    • Church Breaks Down, written by Sascha Gerstner


  • Charity is all your duty, they preach you: sharing your goods is your pride,
    Patriotic-love, kill the enemy first, I can hear the other side,
    What's the way out of this game? you'll either win or you lose,
    I run in circles, who's to blame? is there a way I can choose?
    • You Run with the Pack, a track from the 1992 single Number One

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