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Helmut Qualtinger in 1985

Helmut Qualtinger (8 October 192829 September 1986) was an Austrian-born film and stage actor, writer, reciter and cabaret performer. In his near 40-year career, Qualtinger appeared in dozens of stage performances and in more than 40 film and television productions. He was particularly known for his performances in cabaret revues during the 1950s and as a serious actor until the 1970s, on stage and later in national and international TV productions and films.


  • "In Wien mußt' erst sterben, damit sie dich hochleben lassen. Aber dann lebst' lang." - (In Vienna you first 've to die, before they celebrate you. But then you're living long.) - Necrology in german magazine DER SPIEGEL 6. Okt. 1986. Sometimes falsely attributed to Johann Hölzel, known as the musician Falco.
  • "Österreich ist ein Labyrinth, in dem sich jeder auskennt. Helmut Qualtinger" - (Austria is a labyrinth everbody in is familiar with.) - Print over the post stamp "Am Steinernen Meer Salzburg", austrian Post AG (federal postal service), 1. Juli 2003; Austria-Forum.org, Überdruckmarke "Zitat Qualtinger"

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