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Henry Giroux (born September 18, 1943), is an American and Canadian scholar and cultural critic. One of the founding theorists of critical pedagogy in the United States.


  • As public discourses... cultural texts can be addressed in terms of how they are constituted as objects that gain their relevance through their relationship to other social institutions, resources, and non-discursive practices.
    • Henry Giroux (2002). Breaking in to the movies: Film and the culture of politics.Massachusetts. p. 81
  • Given the current assault on critical education by various right-wing groups, the increasing corporatization of the university, and the growing influence of the national security state, it is increasingly important that higher education be defended as a democratic public sphere and that academics be seen and see themselves as public intellectuals who provide an indispensable service to the nation.
    • "Higher Education Under Siege: Implications for Public Intellectuals," Thought and Action (Fall 2006), p. 64
  • Unfortunately, too many academics retreat into narrow specialisms, allow themselves to become adjuncts of the corporation, or align themselves with dominant interests that serve largely to consolidate authority rather than to critique its abuses. Refusing to take positions on controversial issues or to examine the role they might play in lessening human suffering, such academics become models of moral indifference and examples of what it means to disconnect learning from public life. This is a form of education, as Howard Zinn notes, where scholars “publish while others perish.” Even many leftist and liberal academics have retreated into arcane discourses that offer them the safe ground of the professional recluse.
    • "Higher Education Under Siege: Implications for Public Intellectuals," Thought and Action (Fall 2006), p. 64

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